What is a “Judger,” and What is a “Perceiver?”

After Sensation and Intuition, the second biggest discrepancy in worldview is seen in the difference between Perceivers and Judgers. This is another approximate 50/50 split in population with [...]

Are “Thinkers” Rational, and “Feelers” Irrational?

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all the dichotomies, Feelers and Thinkers are often on two sides of an issue, looking at each other from different places of judgment. That makes sense, [...]

What’s the REAL difference between “Introverts” and “Extraverts?”

The most common misconception about Introverts and Extraverts is their relationship to people. If you’re shy, it’s assumed you’re an Introvert. If you love to party, it’s assumed that you’re an [...]