Black Friday 50% Off

This is “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” weekend here in the United States

(That means Americans start their Christmas shopping).

While you are looking to fill stockings and presents for loved ones today – don’t forget to treat yourself too.


We want to make it easy for you to invest in yourself.
Take 50% off 3 of our most popular programs.

Use this code: BFCM2016

Here are the three programs this code will work with:

Intuitive Awakening
Only 1 in 4 people are Intuitive. Are you one of them? Embrace and develop your Intuition. Unlock your ability to live a passionate, vibrant, authentic life filled with meaningful conversation with like-minded friends, and a passion or mission that effortlessly snaps you out of bed each morning with enough energy to move mountains.

Hardwired For Wealth: Unlocking Your Unique Business Genius
An online training webinar on using your unique personality to make money and grow your career or business.

Relationship Suite
This includes three programs: Personality Types in Dating & Attraction, Personalty Types in Marriage & Relationships, and Personality Types in Children & Family.

So now is the time to get that program you’ve been wanting to get.

Hurry – this code expires Monday night at midnight.

Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
Owners | Personality Hacker

PS – Take 50% on 3 of our popular programs. Use the code: BFCM2016

PPS – Our new Profiler Training class opens December 6. Sign up for the VIP list and get notified here.

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