[VIDEO] How INTPs Build Intimacy With Information

 This Is A Video Sample From Our “INTx Unleashed Growth Workshop.” Watch The Full 5+ Hours Accompanying The INTx Unleashed Program. Learn More About INTX Unleashed Discover How INTJs [...]

[VIDEO] Your Mess Is Your Message: Keys To Finding Your Passion, Purpose & Mission In Life

In this video Joel and Antonia give a live talk from the main stage at Profiler Training in Washington DC about how to find your message in the messes of your life.

Everything You Need to Know About the INFJ Personality Type

  “If you truly and completely understand another human being, the only emotional response you can have is compassion.” – Unknown An INFJ’s hidden genius is their intuition [...]

Personality Hacker MeetUp in New York City

People have been asking us for years to hit the road and hang out with friends and fans to geek out on all things personal development together. Well in 2017, we finally decided to take to the [...]

Developing “Sensation” for ISFPs and ISTPs

When you seek out direct feedback, you have a greater ability to enhance the best parts of you. And in turn, you’ll start seeing the best in others.