Can Emotional Trauma Impact Personality Typing?

This is the biggest frustration and limitation of all personality tests. Assessments and tests are trying to get to the hardwiring of your brain, but we usually don't know how our brains are wired.

Question from Readers – Best Books for ENFJ Growth

Can you please recommend what you believe would be the best personal development book for an ENFJ??? Love your podcast!! Life changing!! Thank you! – Kelly Anne No matter the Myers-Briggs [...]

Why Is the “Co-Pilot” Process Vital for Growth?

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Personality Tools: Keirsey Four Temperaments vs. Carl Jung’s Cognitive Functions

What do Jungian cognitive functions and the Keirsey Four Temperaments have in common? Can they be directly correlated?

Developing the “Harmony” process as an INFJ

INFJ: Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeler, Judger I recently received a question from one of our INFJ clients about developing the Harmony process: “I am very keen on personal development and [...]