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Fridays @ Five: Five Things We Loved this Week

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What is a good leader? Who were the leaders that influenced your life? How do you show up if you want to be a good leader?
These are the questions I’m asking as I traverse this learning curve. I’m looking for answers. Stumbling in the dark. Stubbing my toes. Once I was humble enough to realize I didn’t already have the answers, I began looking outside myself for individuals to shed light on the topic. In that search I found Simon Sinek and I’m obsessed.
Originally, I learned leadership in the military. I went to schools. I was given tools and mental algorithms. I had the opportunity to practice leading in simulated battles. The objective was clear. The danger was real. The men serving under me were my guys. I looked after them and placed their needs above my own. I was trained to lead within a specific set of circumstances. I had a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
I’m no longer in the military and I have found the civilian world to be complicated. There are no accepted algorithms, no school to attend, no war room simulations to run, no test to ace. There is no way for me to know that I’m gaining the skills of solid leadership, except to try, fail, try again, and fail better. Simon has bridged the gap for me. He may not be laying out exactly what to do, but he is lighting the way. He suggests each one of has us has the capacity to lead, to inspire, to be real heroes.
He showed me the danger is real outside of battle — it’s just not as obvious. Distrust, isolation, and fear is a very real threat. This was an epiphany moment for me. It gave me a new sense of purpose. I can fight this battle. I have a direction. I might not know exactly how, but I have a SOP again and it’s oddly similar to the one I had in the military. Take care of the person to my left and the person to my right.
Here is one of Simon’s shorter pieces. What do you hear? Are you inspired? Can you see the hero within you? Are you a leader? –Kimberly, ENTJ


I came across this fascinating article excerpted from the new book The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters by Emily Esfahani Smith. She talks about “narrative identity” as the meaning we give various events in our lives and their impact on our mental health. Two such narrative identities people choose are based on “redemptive stories” and “contamination stories.” These two narratives can determine your entire life outlook. A redemptive story comes from a perspective that a certain event in your life changed you for the better. A contamination story comes from the belief that everything in your life was okay until a particular event changed things for the worse.

The psychologist referenced in the article “asks research subjects to divide their lives into chapters and to recount key scenes, such as a high point, a low point, a turning point or an early memory. He encourages participants to think about their personal beliefs and values. Finally, he asks them to reflect on their story’s central theme.” This sounds like a great exercise to determine what narrative identity rules our lives! Is your central theme one of redemption and gratitude? Or, contamination and loss? What can we do to change our narrative if we realize it isn’t serving us? It is easier than you think. Check out the article to learn how. –Holly, ENFJ


A recent article from Business Insider touched on Bill Gates and a connection to LSD. In a Playboy interview (which has since been pulled), he admitted to “Gooping around” in his errant youth. He seems rather reticent about fully acknowledging any use of psychedelics, although he admits that he never missed a day of work from his youthful experimentations.

The thing I found most interesting about the article was a quote from Steve Jobs bio where he said Gates lacked imagination and could have benefited if “he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.” Apparently, Gates has received similar criticism from other Tech Titans, which may relate more to a difference in personality than a resistance to experimentation. –Roy, INTJ


I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a Starbucks fan! It doesn’t matter if I walk in their door or drive up to the window, I am in love with the smell and flavor of their coffee. The fact that they are a company that has made it their mission to change the world for the better, just makes me feel better about spending a few bucks for a luscious cup of joe.

This recent article by Fast Company details some of the social impact Starbucks is responsible for. It is my opinion that our social challenges will not be solved by a failing government structure – but rather businesses who rise to the challenge of pushing for social change. Graves 5 / Spiral Dynamics Orange is dawning. –Joel, ENFP


One of our Profiler Training students shared this video created by her son. I thought it was hysterical because it basically encompasses about 90% of my conversations.

Note to self: Find something else to talk about.

–Charis, INFJ




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