Fridays @ Five (July 7, 2017)

Fridays @ Five: Five Things We Loved this Week

We have been doing Fridays @ Five for a little over a year now. You know the format. The kinds of things we like to share. Have you ever wanted to share something on Fridays @ Five? Here’s your chance! 

Send us your favorite resources with a short blurb explaining why you like them. We will select the resources that seem most in line with our mission and message, and we will credit you if you want. Send your [email protected] ideas to [email protected] and put Fridays @ Five in the Subject Line. Include whatever personal information you want to share (name, type, country of residence). 


Every Friday, we send out an exclusive list of five unique or interesting things we’ve found (or explored) around the web during the week.

It may include books, gadgets, albums, articles, new hacks/tricks, and — of course — all sorts of weird stuff we dig up around the web. It’s often focused on Intuitive things and personal growth. Please feel free to spread the word with friends who would also enjoy.



A member of our community shared this article in an email recently. It is a fascinating look at how we can make effective decisions by using all four of the learning and judging functions – Sensing/iNtuition/Thinking/Feeling. In the article, he encourages beginning any decision making process by using:

  1. Sensing to gather concrete details about the realities in the here and now,
  2. iNtuition to explore the big picture and future ramifications,
  3. Thinking to gather the necessary data to examine objectively,
  4. and Feeling to determine how the decision impacts our subjective values and those of the people closest to us.

Have you ever used this decision making process? How has it worked out for you?


PH Connect is a global community of growth minded individuals. The goal is to help further develop already existing meet up groups and build new meet up groups from the ground up – around the world – who gather in real time for connections, support, and to be challenged.

This global community can converge and connect digitally as well via our online FaceBook group where we can share resources, events, and best practices around connecting and meet ups. And check this out: We have created a digital map where people can ‘pin’ their location. This will allow folks to see who is in their area and we can all get together and geek out on all things personal development and get in some quality face time with others from our amazing community of like minds! 

Personality Hacker is looking for leaders to emerge as people begin to gather and hopes to use the local groups that form to coordinate future events. The larger your group, the higher chance that Joel and Antonia will be able to visit your area.
If you’re just as stoked about this as we are, please join our Facebook group that we linked above, ‘pin’ yourself on the map – and if you’re really down with this, start connecting with people in your area and let’s see what we can build together! 
For more info on starting a Personality Hacker Meet Up group or event in your area, please contact Holly McIntosh at: holly at personality hacker dot com. –Holly, ENFJ


In our podcast last year on Generational Theory, we discussed the reoccuring seasons that cycle through each generation. Currently, we are in the winter turning/season. Spring is coming in 10-15 years. It’s quite likely that in 15 years or so (when Millennials are moving into midlife) that visions of the future (and feelings about the future) will look like an updated version of this 50s era comic strip, Closer Than We Think. –Jessie, ENTP

4. SPEAK UP!!!!

This week I bring you a call to action.
Be brave.
Hone your truth.
Make an impact in the world.
Speak before you’re sure.
It’s a risk.
Silence is the death of  your power.
SPEAK… –Kimberly, ENTJ



This interesting quiz was recently shared on Intuitive Awakening. The quiz puts you in one of four categories: A Hard Charger, a Crowd Pleaser, a Flow Goer, or a Deep Thinker. Flow is important because it is while we are in Flow that we perform at our best.  This site helps you figure out what your Flow state is so you can hack into it whenever you need to. What is your Flow state?


So there you have it.

Do you have something you would like to add to the conversation? Please leave a comment or your thoughts below. We’d love to hear what you think.

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