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Fridays @ Five: Five Things We Loved this Week

Every Friday, we send out an exclusive list of five unique or interesting things we’ve found (or explored) around the web during the week.

It may include books, gadgets, albums, articles, new hacks/tricks, and — of course — all sorts of weird stuff we dig up around the web. It’s often focused on Intuitive things and personal growth. Please feel free to spread the word with friends who would also enjoy.  



As humans on the internet, we should be aware of (and concerned about) the return of net neutrality restrictions. The FCC is considering a bill that would allow your internet providers to restrict access to websites, slow down or speed up buffering processes on specific websites, and basically make the internet….no longer neutral. This special from John Oliver does a great job of covering it.



Photo courtesy of 538 media.


Two of my great loves are data and politics. These have been delightfully combined into one podcast, run by the website 538. There’s lots of talk about polling statistics, policy, and economics, and all of the hosts are very concerned with what the data, not the punditry, says.




Antonia is doing a 21-day challenge where she uploads a video to Facebook Live every day. She’s one week in so far, and I’ve loved all of the videos she’s done. If you’re interested in watching them, check them out on our Facebook page.


Photo from Youtube–AI and HD space.


This video was posted in the Intuitive Awakening Facebook group. The person who posted it compared the visuals of high-dimensional space to the Perspectives function. As an Exploration user, I don’t see myself in this way, but the feedback I’ve gotten from Perspectives users gives me a similar visual to this video. Perspectives users: do you identify?




I’ve been spending time trying to learn about logical fallacies to assist the growth of my Accuracy function. This week, I’ve been working on the idea of not relying on probability as a guarantee that something will or will not happen. If you use Accuracy, I highly recommend reading through logical fallacies and working those concepts into your own thinking.




So there you have it. Of course these picks reflect some of my personal biases and interests – but having hung around the Personality Hacker community for a while now – and being personal growth focused – I’m pretty sure you will find at least one thing from the above list to be interesting.


Also – leave a comment or your thoughts below. Love to hear what you think.


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