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Fridays @ Five: Five Things We Loved this Week

Every Friday, we send out an exclusive list of five unique or interesting things we’ve found (or explored) around the web during the week.

It may include books, gadgets, albums, articles, new hacks/tricks, and — of course — all sorts of weird stuff we dig up around the web. It’s often focused on Intuitive things and personal growth. Please feel free to spread the word with friends who would also enjoy.  

Here’s some great stuff to check out over the coming weekend…

phextrapianismorwhatever1. EXTROPIANISM

Extropianism is the belief in the “evolving framework of values and standards for continuously improving the human condition.” Extropians pursue and support technology that enables transhumanism, which is a movement that seeks to improve human life with technology. Do you think that there is a limit to how much technology can improve lives? Are the dystopian predictions from shows like Black Mirror true? I’m always in favor of progress, but humans transcending their “mortal” lives with bodies and definite lifespans has some questionable implications. 




I love this video. As someone who struggles with depression, I’m always trying to find activities and hobbies that alleviate some of the desire to lay in bed for several days in a row. I think Anna is completely correct in saying that we are happiest when we are growing- I certainly am. I think the idea of “happiness is growing” is a concept that very much applies to Personality Hacker and the Intuitive Awakening community.




Photo courtesy of Slate news


In the vein of growth and change, I found this great article about Tokyo’s very 1970s capsule tower that was a product of Japan’s vision of the future- small, minimalistic spaces that were built for efficiency and business. Japan has since evolved into a different attitude about architecture, and the capsule tower is out of date. I’m in love with the optimism that went into the building. I think it is a predecessor to the tiny house movement we have now.




This video was shared in the Intuitive Awakening facebook group recently. I love that intuition is described as what it is- that is to say, pattern recognition. It turns out that our intuition plays a much larger role in our decision making than we assume, which made me wonder about the evolution and causation of iNuitive types. Are we just more aware of our brain’s natural pattern recognition than a Sensor? Can intuition be learned? Let me know what you think.




I’ve talked about my love of Adam Ruins Everything before. As an ENTP, I’m obsessed with blowing up everything to reveal the truth, whether that be a literal or metaphorical explosion. This video is Adam Conover, the host, talking about his perspective on his own show. I think he sums it up well- “We can discuss culture and criticize culture, but we cannot escape culture.” As a Ti user, I want all of my actions to reflect on and be in alignment with truths that I know, but being aware of something like the “truth about diamond rings” doesn’t always make me want one any less.



So there you have it. Of course these picks reflect some of my personal biases and interests – but having hung around the Personality Hacker community for a while now – and being personal growth focused – I’m pretty sure you will find at least one thing from the above list to be interesting.


Also – leave a comment or your thoughts below. Love to hear what you think.

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