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Hey! There’s a bit of a back story on these videos which I think is cool to share. At one point Personality Hacker was in a joint venture with a company it helped create named Genius Awakening. During that time, these really amazing illustrated videos were created. When Personality Hacker decided to license content to Genius Awakening and step aside as a full partner, we were able to keep these videos (yay!). However, Genius Awakening still exists and as part of our agreement we promised to share these videos with cool and special people to help educate them, but not send them out in mass. Since everything in these videos references Genius Awakening, that makes sense. So, if you’re watching these have fun! But please don’t use them in marketing materials unless you shoot us an email first. I have no clue why you would, but transparency and full disclosure just make everyone’s lives easier. Cheers!

– Antonia

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