Remove Anxiety, Nervousness, Self-Doubt And FEAR That Are Destroying Your Chances To Have Sovereignty In Your Life By Learning The Tools To Heal And Parent Your Inner Child.

Embrace Your Inner Child

It’s Time To FINALLY Transform Yourself Into The Powerful, Confident, Attractive Person That Feels Fully Empowered Through The Healing Power Of Inner Parenting…

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If You’re Ready To Finally Say Goodbye To Challenges Like The Insecurity, Fear, and Anxiety That Are Holding You Back From YOUR TRUE Inner Wisdom… This Will Be The Most Important Thing You Ever Read…

How is instantly improved happiness NOT at the top of your list?

The comedian, Brian Regan, has a great comedy routine where he talks about FINALLY getting to an eye doctor to get the eyeglasses he’s been needing for a while. He kept ignoring his failing vision and putting off going to the doctor. In the routine he asks a perfectly delivered self reflection, “How was instantly improved vision NOT at the top of my list?”

We do this as people – we treat ourselves to an insane amount of “nice-to-haves” while ignoring our basic necessities… such as healing our inner child.

You could keep struggling day to day – feeling the traumas of childhood and your past – like salt being ground into an open wound…

– OR –

You can begin the healing process immediately. It’s normal to get stuck in past wounds. The wounding and challenges are not your fault.

But… healing your inner child’s wounds IS your responsibility. No one else can do it for you.

Why Is Healing So Hard?

Life isn’t easy for anyone. It’s challenging to get up and go to work everyday, pay the bills, keep social situations harmonious, etc.

But that’s the outside stuff.

We ALSO have to deal with what’s going on INSIDE of us.

The stuff that’s easier to hide. And, sometimes, much harder to face.

Why is it so hard to deal with inner turmoil… like fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and self-criticism?

It has to do with inner wounding.

Introducing “The Healing Power Of Inner Parenting: The Four People Within.”

We hope you gain extraordinary insight and self-love through this program. It’s a labor of love from all of us. We know you can make it through without this program – squinting your way through life, losing the richness and color and fidelity that comes with a fractured soul. But why would you want to?

If you’re curious about the tools in this program, here’s a non-comprehensive list of what you’ll see:

– The Car Model of cognitive functions as it relates to your inner parent/children
– The Drama Triangle (in more fidelity than we’ve ever heard before)
– Boundaries vs. barricades, and the four styles of unhealthy “boundaries”
– The 3 levels of consciousness and where our traumas reside
– Ways to identify childhood traumas (including shame cycles, fear, and anxiety – the biggies)
– Self-sabotage (and how to break the cycle)
– Securing self-love, your personal values, and how to learn to LET GO

…and a ton more. Seriously, this is a meaty program.

What is “inner wounding” – and why is it one of the biggest challenges a lot of people face?

“Inner Wounding” is a pretty abstract concept. It’s something we can sense about ourselves, but we’re not always clear on the source.

Are you in the grip of your inner wounding?

With deep wounds… You have one of two options:

You either continue to allow yourself to give in to your fear a little more each day and let go of that empowered life you know you want…

– OR –

You can take control of the situation and begin the journey of digging into the deep core of power that lies inside you… just under the wound you fear so much.

Imagine… healing your deepest wounds.

Fortunately, there is a path to embrace your inner wisdom and begin healing.

Your inner wounding usually comes from an authority figure in your past. This is often a parent or authority figure in your life.

The wound runs deep… but…

When you start spending time focused on healing your wound you begin to see empowerment, freedom, sovereignty and even purpose come to the surface of your life.

It feels like a burden is lifted and you can breathe as the real YOU… maybe for the first time ever.

It feels like you’ve finally found your inner superpower… but the crazy thing is that it’s been inside you this whole time just dying to break free and express itself.

The difference is so huge… It’s almost magical.

Side Effect: Discovering Your Life Purpose

One of the best things that often comes from healing your inner wound is a re-discovery of why you’re here on the planet.

It’s as if our wound cut right down the middle of our true purpose and only by peeling back the layers and realizing our true inner wisdom do the floodgates of understanding burst open.

Your mind and heart begin to gush with excitement and intention. It’s a powerful experience that has to be felt to be fully understood.

Learn from Merja Sumiloff the step-by-step mindset that empowers your inner child.

Merja Sumiloff is the founder of the global gender work movement, The Radiant Woman. She has taught entrepreneurs how to thrive in business (having built and sold her own successful bodywork business). She has also taught people how to heal their inner wounds, create empowerment, and ultimately live their true purpose.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, she has the unique capacity to see patterns within and across modalities. Her profound ability to use her painful past as a light for others, and her tender but no-nonsense techniques, are precisely what make her work so leading edge, and able to transform the lives of so many.

As a child, she began studying the body-soul connection as a legacy of her great grandmother, one of the first trained massage therapists in Finland.

Merja became preoccupied with researching and testing the benefits of using personality traits such as intuition and introspection in arenas of business and personal development.

Having worked with hundreds of intuitive introvert types, she finally put together some programs to support the revival and development of intuitive traits in the world. And from this, “The Healing Power Of Inner Parenting: The Four People Within” was born.

Merja’s work has transformed the lives of people all over the world and across all age groups. Merja’s work is rooted in building mutually honoring relationships with yourself and others, and the joy that comes from watching people reach their goals, be themselves, and celebrate their own success.

We are honored to feature Merja as a faculty member of the Personality Hacker suite of programs. She is a very special person who can guide you to your deepest inner healing and wisdom.

The Inner Child’s Dream Revealed

Do you dream of freedom and sovereignty in your life? Do you imagine a life PAST the pain – where you finally step into full joyfulness?

Imagine living your life with complete emotional freedom and sovereignty. Your core identity is empowered and fully in charge of your experience. There are no outside pressures to be ANYONE than who YOU REALLY ARE deep inside the very core of your being.

Imagine the power and control over yourself and your world, without losing your unique creativity.

That’s the power of Inner Parenting.


The 4 Sessions To Heal Your Inner Wounds Using The Power Of Inner Parenting


STEP #1 – Get the tools that enable you to become self sustainable

Here is what you will learn in session 1:

– How to create effective boundaries in your life that actually lead to increased empowerment and intimacy
– Uncover how your personality type effects the type of inner parenting you need to focus on
– How to access three different levels of consciousness to help you in inner parenting
– Practical strategies for breaking the negative cycle of the Drama Triangle
– Exercises to use each of these tools



STEP #2 – Discover Your Inner Child

Here is what you will learn in session 2:

- The big differences between the ‘grown up’ part of you and the ‘inner child’
– How your inner child shows up in your specific personality type
– The three biggest ways your inner child gets triggered and what to do to take back control
– How to identify childhood traumas still running your life
– Building a relationship with the Inner Child



STEP #3 – Inner Parent Work

- The role of your Inner Parent
– The four main Inner Parenting styles
– How to stop self-sabotage from robbing you of your healing work
– Exercises to parent yourself out of acute and chronic stress and anxiety



STEP #4 – Integrating Your Entire Adult Self

– The role of the adult self
– How to uncover your authentic core values
– How to condition your thought patterns to embrace your mature self
– Self and energy management

– Exercises on “Letting Go” and seeing powerful healing rush into your life
– Crafting your personal healing message


It’s time to awaken, embrace and develop your Inner Wisdom…

If you are sick and tired of living the same old life… if you are ready to fast track what you’ve always known was deep inside your soul….

Then join us for “The Healing Power Of Inner Parenting: The Four People Within

This program is a four-session audio/video presentation that has been pre-recorded. Each of the four sessions averages 60 minutes in length. When you invest in “The Healing Power Of Inner Parenting” program, you will get your own personal member page where you can access the program whenever you want, as many times as you want. The program can also be downloaded for access off-line.


The tuition for “The Healing Power Of Inner Parenting: The Four People Within” is a one-time payment of $117 USD.

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What have previous students said about the program?


“I’m currently taking the 4 People Within course. It’s life changing for me. I’ve had EMDR for my PTSD but I’ve been unable to move forward. Until now. This course has helped me to know myself and begin to move forward. I’ve already recommended it to friends.”

–Susan Adams


“Merja has an amazing ability to see past the facade we give to the world and go straight to the rawness underneath. She loves being with you there, at your most vulnerable, accepts the ugly things as beautiful, and guides you in how to do the same. The different perspective on how I now view the world has changed my life. Unlike any self-help courses you may have done in the past, Merja’s work is results driven. And, boy oh boy, do you get results.

–Kay Knight, Queensland, Australia


Merja is a force to be reckoned with! After years and years of searching for healing, and trying out many different avenues, it wasn’t until I began working with Merja that I truly began to heal the parts of myself that were keeping me from a life of freedom and joy. Her ability to understand and work with my specific personality was key to helping me move forward into healing and growth. The most amazing part was how quickly I began to see results!

–Val Flynn, Washington, USA


“Merja’s programs have helped me experience deep internal transformation that has translated to positive changes in my external world as well. Her work has changed me from feeling paralyzed and stuck in victimhood to someone who is hopeful about the future ahead and stepping out of my comfort zone in ways I would never have imagined. I am now actively working towards my purpose and experiencing richness in my relationships with others.

–Janna Suarez, Denver, USA


Our personal 30-day guarantee

When you join “The Healing Power Of Inner Parenting: The Four People Within,” you get 30 FULL DAYS to decide if it’s the right fit. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a full refund.


We can’t wait for you to begin your journey of making a big impact in the world…

Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
Personality Hacker




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