Eliminate The Anxiety, Nervousness, Self-Doubt And FEAR That Are Destroying Your Chances To Have Sovereignty In Your Life And Stop Worrying That You Will Always Be “Alone Surrounded By People”

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom
It’s Time To FINALLY Overcome Your Fears, Take Control Of Your Emotions, Learn To Be Your Own Source Of Inner Authority… And Transform Yourself Into The Powerful, Confident, Attractive Introvert That Feels Fully Empowered…”

If You’re Ready To Finally Say Goodbye To Challenges Like The Insecurity, Fear, and Anxiety That Are Holding You Back From YOUR TRUE Inner Wisdom… This Will Be The Most Important Thing You Ever Read…

As an INFJ or INFP, you see reality through the lens of your inner wisdom. Trouble is – no one else seems to see things the way you do.

In your quiet, reflective moments…

did you feel like you stood out in your family while growing up? Did you witness things you instinctively felt were wrong and were baffled when everyone else seemed to be totally okay with them?

have you ever felt like you understand people more deeply than they understand you?

has it struck you that you have a lot of one-sided relationships?

have you ever realized you’re in a relationship where you’re being “run over” by another person’s agenda? Have you ever become resentful because you’ve been sacrificing your own needs?

When you venture out into the world…

have you ever been talking to another person about your inner truth and gotten so nervous and uptight that you started fumbling over your words… realizing that the other person is receiving bad vibrations from you? Did they just walk away…?

have you ever been in a relationship with someone and become so emotionally invested in their happiness that you suppressed YOUR own feelings of well-being… to the point where you literally lost yourself to the relationship?

do you find yourself struggling to ask for what you need… until you have been pushed to the edge… only to explode emotionally?  (And then the worst part: do you beat yourself up for it later, feeling horrible for the next several hours or days?)

have you ever felt your emotions hijacking you to the point where you no longer feel in control of yourself or the situation?

Do any of the above situations sound familiar… maybe too familiar?

If you are an INFJ or INFP then you’ve been in one or more of these situations… probably MANY TIMES. 

And you know what we think is the most PAINFUL thing about having to experience even just ONE of these situations? It’s this: as you go through it, you KNOW it doesn’t have to be this way. You possess the secret weapon you need to feel empowered. You have your inner wisdom.

So why isn’t it working in those situations?

It’s not that you lack willingness or motivation.

And you’re smart. You’ve been able to figure out most things in life.

It’s easy to blame other people, but deep down you know that’s not the reason.

It’s not ANYTHING or ANYONE else.

If only you could bring that TRUE inner wisdom out when you need it…

But here’s the real reason: you have a block inside of you, and it’s keeping you from predictably accessing the inner wisdom you KNOW you possess.

Why This Is So Hard For INFJs and INFPs

Life isn’t easy for anyone. It’s challenging to get up and go to work everyday, pay the bills, keep social situations harmonious, etc.

But that’s the outside stuff.

We as introverts ALSO have to deal with what’s going on INSIDE of us.

Easier to hide. And, sometimes, much harder to face.

Why is it so hard to deal with inner turmoil… like fear, anxiety, self-doubt, self-criticism?

It has to do with inner wounding.

What is “inner wounding” – and why is it one of the biggest challenges most INFPs and INFJs face?

PersonalityHacker.com-INFx-Unveiled-INFJ-INFP-Inner-Wound“Inner Wounding” is a pretty abstract concept. It’s something we can sense about ourselves… but we’re not always clear on the source.

Both INFJs and INFPs deal with inner wounding in slightly different ways.

The INFP Inner Wound: The fear that you have lost – or will lose – self-sovereignty and freedom.

If you are an INFP dealing with inner wounding you find yourself fearing that you have lost, or will lose, freedom and sovereignty over the choices in your life. This fear often comes from being raised by a domineering parent, authority figure or paradigm. The domineering essence wounded you deeply, and you feel as though you are “under the thumb” of an authority that may even be in the far distant past.

You KNOW in your heart’s deepest wisdom that you have what it takes to BE YOUR OWN inner authority…. and yet it’s as if you can’t fully let go of this fundamental fear.

You may have created a life where you feel more in control of your choices… and yet you can’t shake this deep fear that someone could snatch your sovereignty from you at any moment.

For you, as an INFP, your CORE FEAR is losing sovereignty over your life and having your inner sanctum disrespected.

RESPECT from others and validation of YOUR inner desires is important. Otherwise, you feel like you may lose a sense of who you are, a sense of SELF.

This core fear can lead to all sorts of dis-empowering behaviors:

  • “Right and wrong” are so personal to you that decisions must be made from within but how can you lean into the ballast of self-trust if you’re jumpy, believing you have to justify or explain away all of your choices?
  • You become reactive instead of responsive. If the fear of losing your sovereignty grows powerful enough you can start to believe your very essence is under attack. Other people begin to wonder why you’re so easily triggered. But for you, it feels like you are fighting for your very survival.
  • A simple statement from another person that feels wrong and all of a sudden your wound rears its ugly head. You lash out to protect yourself from losing your sovereignty, but you’ve unwittingly denied the other person theirs.
  • You experience growing anxiety about going into the world only to be judged. How you’re perceived by others becomes extremely important. Ego starts to obstruct your personal healing and growth.
  • You find yourself being uncharacteristically aggressive about your viewpoints, fearing that your authentic perspective and opinions will be ignored.

Some INFPs cry when they read the above list. These inner wounds run deep and can be extremely painful.  It’s not your fault you have this wounding and more importantly, there’s hope for truly deep healing and empowerment.

Keep reading.

The INFJ Inner Wound: The fear of abandonment by a significant person in your life.

As an INFJ you find yourself fearing abandonment by the significant people in your life. For you, it’s better to LOSE YOURSELF to a relationship than lose the relationship altogether. You may find yourself saying, “It’s better to be lost to another than to be abandoned by them.”

This fear often comes from growing up with an absent or disconnected parent or authority figure. Even if they didn’t actually leave, their abandonment essence wounded you so deeply you felt destabilized. There was a perpetual feeling that they could “leave at any moment.” The famous INFJ perfectionism becomes a go-to answer to this fear: If you can just be perfect enough no one will want to leave you.

You KNOW in your heart’s deepest wisdom that you have what it takes to MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN…. and yet it’s as if you can’t shake the fundamental fear of abandonment.

You may have created a life where you feel like you can depend on the support of those around you… and yet you can’t shake the fear deep down that someone in authority may leave you at any moment.

For you, as an INFJ, your CORE FEAR is that if you become unacceptable (for even a moment) the people close to you will leave.

SUPPORT from others and connection with those you love is important. Otherwise, you feel like you may be abandoned forever only to someday die isolated, without true connection, and alone.

This core fear can lead to all sorts of dis-empowering behaviors:

  • Creating solid boundaries is important for everyone, but how can you set relationship boundaries if it’s your job to make sure the other person is perpetually happy? 
  • You find yourself swallowing all of your negative – but authentic! – emotions. You may become so unaccustomed to articulating how you feel that you no longer know how to. You turn to your journal and write your feelings down, but feel no permission to share them with anyone. Only your diary knows who you really are.
  • Frustration stacks and an inner bomb with an unknown timer gets triggered. If the situation becomes intolerable enough, you leave the relationship with the other person unsure of what happened.

Many INFJs cry when they read the above list. These inner wounds run deep and can be extremely painful.  It’s not your fault you have this wounding and more importantly, there’s hope for true deep healing and empowerment…

Just like we told the INFPs… Keep reading.

Are you an INFP or INFJ in the grip of your inner wounding?

As an INFP or INFJ with such deep wounds…  You have one of two options:

You either continue to allow yourself to give in to your fear a little more each day and let go of that empowered life you know you want…


You can take control of the situation and begin the journey of digging into the deep core of power that lies inside you… just under the wounds you fear so much.

Imagine… healing your deepest wounds.

PersonalityHacker.com-INFx-Unveiled-INFJ-INFP-introvertFortunately, there is a path to embrace your inner wisdom and begin healing

Remember how we said your inner wounding comes from an authority figure in your past. This is often a parent or authority figure in your life.

The wound runs deep… but…

When you start spending time focused on healing your wound you begin to see empowerment, freedom, sovereignty and even purpose come to the surface of your life.

It feels like a burden is lifted and you can breathe as the real YOU… maybe for the first time ever.

It feels like you’ve finally found your inner superpower… but the crazy thing is it’s been inside you this whole time just dying to break free and express itself.

The difference is so huge… It’s almost magical.

Side Effect: Discovering Your Life Purpose

One of the best things that often comes from healing your inner wound is a re-discovery of why you’re here on the planet.

It’s as if your wounds cut right down the middle of your true purpose and it’s only by peeling back the layers and realizing your true inner wisdom that the floodgates of understanding can burst open.

It’s a powerful experience that has to be felt to be fully understood.

PersonalityHacker.com-Merja-SumiloffLearn from Merja Sumiloff the step-by-step mindset and inner work that empowers you as an INFJ or INFP.

Merja Sumiloff is the founder of the global gender work movement, The Radiant Woman. She has taught entrepreneurs how to thrive in business (having built and sold her own successful bodywork business). She has also taught INFJs and INFPs how to heal their inner wounds – create empowerment and ultimately live their true purpose.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, she has the unique capacity to see patterns within and across modalities. Her profound ability to use her painful past as a light for others, and her tender but no-nonsense techniques, are precisely what make her work so leading edge, and able to transform the lives of so many.

As a child, she began studying the body-soul connection as a legacy of her great grandmother, one of the first trained massage therapists in Finland.

Merja became preoccupied with researching and testing the benefits of using personality traits such as intuition and introspection in arenas of business and personal development. 

Having worked with hundreds of intuitive introvert types, she finally put together some programs to support the revival and development of intuitive traits in the world. And from this INFx Unveiled was born.

Merja’s work has transformed the lives of people all over the world and across all age groups. Merja’s work is rooted in building mutually honoring relationships with yourself and others, and the joy that comes from watching people reach their goals, be themselves and celebrate their own success.

We are honored to feature Merja as a faculty member of the Personality Hacker suite of programs. She is a very special person who can guide you to your deepest inner healing and wisdom.

The INFx Dream Unveiled

As an INFP… you dream of freedom and sovereignty

Imagine living your life with complete emotional freedom and sovereignty. Your core identity is empowered and fully in charge of your experience. There are no outside pressures to be ANYONE than who YOU REALLY ARE deep inside the very core of your being.

Imagine the power and control over yourself and your world, without losing your unique creativity.

As an INFJ… you dream of accomplishment and connection

Imagine getting to your goals, not with the taskmaster of perfection, but with a deep sense of inner achievement and calm. You set a goal that is PURELY FOR YOURSELF, not for others. And as you work toward your goals, the people around you reflect back to you just how happy and inspiring you have become from your actions.

No guilt.

No losing yourself to others.

Feeling more connected to those around you.

Imagine a life of connection and accomplishment.

The 4 Steps To Heal Your Inner Wounds


PersonalityHacker.com-INFx-Unveiled-INFJ-INFP-introvert-chameleonSTEP #1 – Realize Your Chameleon Nature

Here is what you will learn in session 1:

– Why INFJs and INFPs often camouflage themselves
– How the camouflage stops them from living authentically
– What the benefits of being a Chameleon are, and
– Exercises to harness the Chameleon Effect



PersonalityHacker.com-INFx-Unveiled-INFJ-INFP-Inner-ChildSTEP #2 – Inner Child Work

– How to recognize those pesky childhood traumas that are still programming your behavior
– How those traumas have held us back in the past, and how they have transformed into cellular memory trauma
– The benefits of releasing cellular memory trauma and harnessing the power of your childhood experiences, and
– Exercises to heal cellular memory trauma



PersonalityHacker.com-INFx-Unveiled-INFJ-INFP-Inner-ParentSTEP #3 – Inner Parent Work

– Choose the suitable parenting style for you
– How to set boundaries with your Inner Child
– How to celebrate the Inner Child’s uniqueness and how to harness it, and
– Exercises to integrate both the Inner Child and the Inner Parent into everyday life



PersonalityHacker.com-INFx-Unveiled-INFJ-INFP-adult-selfSTEP #4 – Integrating Your Entire Adult Self

– Who you really are underneath your childhood trauma and past experiences
– How to determine what your greatest gift to the world is
– How to begin to take steps towards actualizing that gift, and
– Exercises on how to stay true to your path in the face of distraction



type-based-webinar-image-300x165INFx BONUS – Prerecorded Q&As for INFPs and INFJs

– Hear Joel, Antonia, and Merja address the subject of healing as they answer the questions of INFJs and INFPs in the Personality Hacker community.

– Two separate recordings for each of the INF types. The average length of each recording is 1 hr 45 mins.



It’s time to awaken, embrace and develop your Inner Wisdom…

If you are sick and tired of living the same old life.

If you are ready to fast track what you’ve always known was deep inside your soul.

If you are ready to learn from others who understand what it’s like to be an INFx….

Then join us for your own INFx Unveiled.

INFx Unveiled is a four-session audio/video presentation that has been pre-recorded by Merja Sumiloff. Each of the four sessions averages 90 minutes in length. Purchasers of the INFx Unveiled program will get their own personal account page where they can access the program whenever they want, as many times as they want. The program can also be downloaded for access off-line.


This is a recording of a live event. The tuition for INFx Unveiled is $117 USD.

What have previous students said about the program?


“Insightful and revealing – I recently discovered that I am an INFJ and doing this course has opened a door to my inner sanctum sanctorum and I can honestly say I finally feel at home in my own being.”

-AJ Ley, Brisbane, Australia


“I always knew there was much more to life than what my parents taught me. I know it’s because of their cognitive functions that they never embraced or even understood my intuitive side. For most of my growing up years I felt so alone, like there was something wrong with me. Having done your INFx Unveiled course, I can now embrace my INFJ-ness. It feels like I belong somewhere, like I have a place in the world from which I can create on a very deep and necessary level. I am forever grateful for your work.”

-Elizabeth Horne, Dublin, Ireland.


“I’m an INFJ who has for years been mistyped as INFP, so strong is the chameleon effect you talk about in this course. Having worked with the exercises you gave us, and having put aside my inner INFJ-INFP battle, I was able to emerge as the individual that I am past all these labels. It’s a relief to know that while I now identify as an INFJ, I can love and cherish my inner child’s creative, story-telling INFPness without making myself wrong on any level. Thank you for embracing me as me, a sovereign individual. I feel like I can be free to choose what is right for me in my life.”

– Matt Major, London, England



“Merja’s course made me feel at home in myself while at the same time giving me tools for better self-exploration. I am an INFP and as such often have trouble feeling understood when doing ‘self empowerment’ type work due to the specifically changeable, layered nature of my personality – but this course was spot on for me. Merja hits the big issues and questions right between the eyes with a no nonsense yet truly nurturing methodology, that is practical as well as emotional. Would highly recommend it to other INF types and I will continue to refer back to the course notes in times of struggle.”

– Mitzi Quill, Sydney, Australia



Get Started With The INFx Unveiled Program

Our personal 30-day guarantee

When you join INFx Unveiled, you get 30 FULL DAYS to decide if it’s the right fit. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a full refund.


We can’t wait for you to begin your journey of making a big impact in the world…

Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt,
Personality Hacker



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