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So here at Personality Hacker we aren’t a faceless corporation. It’s just Joel and Antonia (and our little girl Piper) working out of our house. We are interested in providing coaching, products, services, community and events that help you grow as a person and create happiness in your life. Because of this – we want to have ecstatic and excited customers who want to join with us in this journey of life.

Sometimes we just aren’t a fit for each other. And that’s okay.

If you have discovered that one of our products and services isn’t for you – please keep reading to request a refund.

Is there anything we can do to make you happy with your purchase?

You were obviously attracted to our products. What went wrong? We would love the chance to make you ecstatically happy with your purchase.

We sometimes get refund requests because the personality profile you purchased didn’t feel like the right personality type. If this is the case – choose the option on the form below to indicate you’d like a different personality profile.

If you purchased one of our training programs and believe a different program would be a better fit – we can exchange it for a product of lesser or equal value.

After you fill out the refund form below – we will be alerted with our automated software. Because it is just the two of us (Joel & Antonia) please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond and start processing your refund.

Once we process your refund please remember that each credit card company and bank is different. It usually takes between 5-7 business days for a refund to process and post to your account.

Once the process starts it is up to your bank for how fast the refund is returned to you.

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