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There is extraordinary power in personality development and self-knowledge. We invite everyone to get to know themselves better. But there’s a group of people for whom self-knowledge isn’t enough. They’re the ones who realize that discovering who they are now is just the starting point. As growing, changing, dynamic creatures it’s not just understanding who we are, it’s understanding who we’re becoming. It’s true personality development.

For most, this is a process that happens to them… and they just try to keep up. But the power to harness this change and thoughtfully direct it is available to everyone. The primary purpose of Personality Hacker is exactly that: to help you guide this organic change toward something bigger. Something that can help you to become a true change agent in a world that truly needs your gifts. To become a real Thought Leader as personality development becomes a part of your journey.



ENTP car diagram picTake Your Own Personality Test

Discover your personality type. Understand what makes you tick and how you best relate to others.

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Your Personality: An Owners Manual

head and cogs b&w transparent backgroundOnce you know your personality the real work starts. Our program “Your Personality: An Owners Manual” will guide you through discovering who you are, where you are at in life and build a specific game plan for personality development and the next steps of where you want to go.

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Understand Your Intuition

red pillOnly 25% of the population have a learning style known as intuition. For those of you who are Intuitives, you’ve probably felt “different” your entire life. Maybe you felt like you were an alien, or that there was something “wrong” with you. Maybe you even had people tell you there was something wrong with you. There’s a way to 1) understand who you are, 2) understand how you think, and 3) harness that power to become unstoppable.

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How has Intuitive Awakening Impacted Others?

charis bransonAfter just one session of this webinar I felt like superwoman. There was nothing that could hold me back. I finally felt like I had a place on this planet, and it was a valuable one. A phrase they used again and again–Thought Leaders. It put an obligation on Intuitives to use their gifts and reach out to aid others. I suddenly felt like I hadn’t been living large enough… I felt empowered! I felt like somebody had opened a door and invited me into a world of endless possibilities! I can honestly say the webinar changed my life. From this point forward I am not the person I was six months ago. My path has become clearer and my zest for life knows no bounds. – Charis Branson

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