PHQ | QUESTIONS: Can Sensors Speak Intuitive Language?

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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode Joel and Antonia answer a listener question from an ISTP about being able to speak intuitive language and enjoy intuitive conversation with her INTJ sister.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • 25% of the population are Intuitive.
  • 75% are Sensor.
  • Most Intuitives have learned to engage in Sensor communication since they are in the minority.
  • Most Sensors don’t have the need to learn Intuitive language since the world favors their communication style.
  • Some sensors who grow up in intuitive families will learn the skill of speaking Intuitive language.
  • ISTP copilot is Se. 10 yr old is Ni.
  • We have a closer relationship with our 10 yr old than we do our inferior (3 yr old).
  • A sensor with an intuitive 10 yr old will have a higher awareness of their Intuitive Cognitive Function.
  • It’s not whether a person can engage in Intuitive conversation at all, but what is your threshold?
  • How long can they take such discussion before they decide it’s time to disengage?
  • Most Intuitive’s threshold for abstract conversation is limitless.
  • The higher Intuition is in your cognitive function stack, the more tolerance you will have for intuitive conversation.


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  • Maureen

    I’ve seen this in my family. My husband, my son and I are all Intuitives. My daughter is the lone sensor. When she was young, we noticed that she got very bored with our conversations. But now that she’s older (young teen) she engages in them more readily, to the extent that I started to wonder if she was actually Ni. But, no, the more I watch her the more I think she’s basically bilingual. She can talk to both types of people with fluency, but seems to prefer spending her time with other sensors. So interesting. 🙂

  • Brianna

    That’s my question!! I actually completely forgot I sent one in, but I feel special that it got answered. And thank you, this PHQ does answer it.

    I do notice that I have less stamina than my intuitive family members when it comes to those kinds of conversations. However, I do have a better time with it then, say, my ESFP stepfather. Thank you guys again for this.

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