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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about judging vs perceiving organization.


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  • Jonathan Randle

    So basically you’re saying that Fi is Pixar’s Inside Out?

  • Jolene

    I love the explanation of why I know where everything is, even though it looks like a total disaster. ? enfp

  • Adrienne

    I actually really loved the idea of various parts of me being represented in a boardroon. -an enfp

  • Nicole

    I recently talked with a professional organizer (ding ding ding! I’m the j!) I asked if she had any tips for organizing a home (or even a room) when you’ve got 2 opposite personalities at play. She never really got to an answer because I don’t think she understands these different organizational worlds. This PHQ really helped me see that I’m not crazy…there are different methods of organization at play. Here’s a question I have for you guys: I’m an ISTJ & my husband is ENFP… I’ve found that I’ve had to act as the FJ you were describing in this PHQ in order to get any external organization in our home….and peace for my TJ soul. Have you seen this before in spouses our close relationships? A flip flop of sorts

  • Mark Caudill

    This helps me to understand myself better and why other people don’t understand me. Thanks again.

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