Podcast – Episode 0028 – Personality Type and Higher Consciousness

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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about personality type and higher consciousness.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • This podcast episode talks about personality type and higher consciousness.
  • When you’re going into your subconscious mind, your approach will be based on the type of personality you have.
  • People have a tendency to hyper-focus on their ego.
  • Higher states of consciousness – Any time we take in more territory with what is in our world framework. In relation to the Graves model, each time we level up, we expand our territory to take in more information that we’re aware of. Our awareness of our terrain mean something to us.
  • People in the highest states of consciousness sees things in an interconnected way. The more conscious we become, the more we are aware of how interconnected we all are.
  • The ego is the part of us that makes us want to exist. As you start to take in more terrain and awareness, it’s this ego that you’re interacting with.
  • When you are in a situation where you are attached with your identity and you feel you are right, that’s your ego.
  • Ego Transcendence – when one reflects and sees oneself as part of a huge universal dance, recognizing that there’s a part of us that we might have mistaken to be us. Transcending the ego is generally considered when you are no longer attached with your ego and it isn’t all you can see. If you can step back and see what is going on around you, you can watch the part of you in the picture too.
  • Our attachment to our ego is also what creates war. It’s what makes us so sure that we’re right about something that we will literally pick up a weapon and destroy somebody else’s life because they don’t agree with what our ego asserts.
  • Personality types are one of the most powerful tools that will take you to a place where you can take in more territory. It helps us accept our unique selves.
  • Let us know what you think. Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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  • Myra Shelley

    First of all, thanks Antonia and Joel for these podcasts. I’m enjoying them in 2018 and still finding them relevant and informative. I listen to them on my walks in the mornings, and I decided to start at the beginning, which is why I’m a bit behind. Also, I took the test on your website (I’m an ENFJ), so thanks for that. I knew my personality type from years ago–and guess what? It hasn’t changed.

    Joel, I was interested in your comment about people who say to you that they’re “beyond the use of tools” as they explore their higher consciousness, and I just wanted to point out that anyone who feels the need to say something like that to you is clearly not functioning from a “higher consciousness,” so it’s kind of funny in a not-so-funny way. The reason I say this is that whenever we feel the need to put anyone else “down” in order to place ourselves in a “higher” position, we are inherently canceling out whatever it is we’re trying to see ourselves as. Of course, the opportunity to “see” this isn’t an opportunity to feel vindicated, but rather to ask ourselves (since this is in our awareness) in what ways we might actually show up in a similar manner. We then have an opportunity to “face” that within ourselves. Anyway, that’s the way I look at it because our personalities are so multifaceted. In other words, we can be very clear about some things and very “muddy” about others all at the same time. That’s what makes us human and delicious.

    And I’d also like to say thank you because I would typically think these things and then not say them, but you’ve convinced me to try speaking up. It’s a bit rocky, and I’m quite a bit “out of my skin.”

  • Michael

    Antonia and Joel-

    Fascinating. Thank you for all of these podcasts I have learned so much about myself as an intuitive.

    So ways to transcend the ego: (1) step back and see the world from an observer perspective and (2) love yourself.

    Are there any other techniques you recommend?

    I have been working on changing my self-image and beliefs toward a life of giving and gratitude. I am taking small steps and soon I think I will have an ‘aha’ moment where my self-image will change in an instant.


    • Michael

      Any books as well would be great. I am reading ‘psyco-cybernetics’ and am half way through ‘awaken the giant within’

      • Joel Mark Witt

        Not sure where you are exactly in your journey but here are some book ideas…

        “Prometheus Rising”
        By Robert Anton Wilson (this was a life changer)


        I’m currently reading

        “Programming the Human Biocomputer”
        By John C. Lilly


        Another book that has really helped me

        “The Artist Way”
        By Julia Cameron


        A book for ego work

        “The Power Of Now”
        By Eckhart Tolle

        Let me know if you get to read any of these and what you get out of them.

    • Antonia Dodge

      Hey, Michael! Thanks for the comment. Joel posted some great books/resources. I’d add that with ego work, there are a lot of great tools in meditation and binaural beats. You can find YouTube videos that offer resources for both. Also, there are many who indicate that taking psychotropics in controlled environments with a strong guide can be massively powerful, but that totally depends on your personal ethics and situation. Alternatively, some reach the same states through meditation.

      I’d also look up the works of David R. Hawkins and Joseph Campbell as you journey. Again, there are some great YouTube videos where you can start.


      • Michael

        Thank you both so much. I am revisiting this podcast because I took Ken Wilber’s program – Superhuman OS..in that program personality types are a major ‘axis’ of human growth.

        I have actually been using binaural beats lately. Apparently meditation increases moments of synchronicity and the fact that you recommend these beats and I started using them is meaningful to me.

        Thank you for the book recommendations. I dont have a complete understanding for Prometheus Rising yet, but the way humans develop through these levels does resemble what Ken talks about in his program.

  • Mike N.

    Thanks guys! A big pat on the head for Antonia :). 20 years ago, coming out of a divorce, I got psychodynamic counseling for the purpose of being faced with myself. I experienced how others mirror my ego (and those of my dysfunctional family), and I learned to deal with me (others) using more than one strategy (flight). This also helped break the pattern of codependency. I’ve been happily “re” married for 15 years.
    10 years ago I came across Bill Harris and his “Map of Reality” series. (I know some of his work is controversial, but I found this very helpful). I learned about being the observer, “watching myself with curiosity” not judging but just saying to myself “hmmm, that’s interesting.” I learned that my view or internal map of the world is not the world. My view is distorted by my biases, preferences, interpretations. This helped me to open my eyes & the see the world & people differently. I also learned that meaning is what we attach to something (again, shaped by our biases etc). So when something disagreeable happens, I am more likely to be the observer & try to understand what’s triggering my emotion.
    So thank you for you podcast. It allowed me to recall my journey of learning to transcend my ego. I wish I could just hang with you both and talk for hours. I am in deep gratitude for you and your courage and passion to model right energy in this world (the real one).

    • Antonia Dodge

      I love a pat on the head! 🙂

      We love talking to people of like minds and talking to hours. It’s our favorite thing in the world. And we love knowing that others are on this track for higher consciousness. As Simon Sinek brought out in his TEDx talk about tipping points, we don’t need everyone, just 17.5% of the population. That has to be doable!


  • Leonard

    Antonia, Joel

    Thanks for the podcast. It got me thinking about why personality psychology is a useful tool for reaching a higher level of consciousness.

    While I am sure the jury is out on this, to me it seems that a part of our personality is genetic in origin. So if our preference to a particular way of processing information and making decisions in the world is built in to a point. Then having an understanding of that has to be a fundamental building block to making any real progress in life at all.

    If someone has no psychological blockages of any note to deal with, perhaps they don’t see the usefulness of personality psychology. But by there nature they are going to be few in number given the world we live in. For those of us with plenty of constraining cultural conditioning to jettison, I’m sure glad it’s available.

    Gaining the understanding of why I don’t fit into the cultural norm has been a huge relief. The energy that frees up is very welcome. There can be no progress made in states of consciousness or anything else without the available energy to put into it.

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thanks Leonard for the comment. It is awesome to realize that you aren’t broken or need fixed – it’s just how you are made. I agree that it frees up so much energy.

      It is also my belief that personality is largely genetic in origin. That begs my next question… what isn’t genetic in origin?

      Just thoughts…

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