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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how different types approach creating a life plan.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Once you figure out your starting point, how do you craft an action plan to get you where you want?
  • Should statements live in our judging functions (T/F).
  • The Judging process also helps us chart our life path.
  • We don’t believe your MB type is the total of who you are as a person.
  • What instrument are you going to use to make sure you are creating your plan in the right way?
  • Antonia is an ENTP – her decision maker is introverted thinking (Ti) – “Accuracy.”
  • The only way we could get to the moon is by using extremely precise mathematics.
  • Every single degree was necessary to reach the moon accurately.
  • Antonia uses this to get where she wants. She uses precision. Clarity. Direction.
  • The first steps are the most important. Antonia doesn’t give much thought to the events after she sets the trajectory.
  • Joel is an ENFP – his decision maker is introverted feeling (Fi) – “Authenticity.”
  • When Joel sets a trajectory, he is focused on who he wants to be and how he intends to feel once he gets there.
  • He gets clear on the emotions he wants and uses that to craft his life path. He gets improvisational. It’s about embodying his path.
  • Antonia and Joel are perceivers, so their judging processes are introverted. So, crafting their life path is a more subjective experience.
  • Judgers have Extraverted Judging processes, so they will be more externally focused.
  • Extraverted Thinking (Te) – “Effectiveness” – is focused on creating circumstances to get to their end game. TJs will concentrate on the steps required to get them to the place they want to be.
  • Extraverted Feeling (Fe) – “Harmony” – users create a network around them of people they want to be surrounded by, influencing them on their path.
  • Each judging process has its polar opposite, which also influences it.
  • Oprah – ENFJ – has created an entire media network as a Harmony person with a lot of people (Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, etc.) that she’s helped build their own brands. She may not know how she’s going to use this organization of people yet, (may not have had a destination in mind when she got started) but her trajectory was to create these connections just in case.
  • ENTJ – has a goal to make a huge impact in his country. He uses Effectiveness to build the resource to help his impoverished country.
  • Personality Hacker is building networks and resources to reach their goals of influencing the world for good.
  • Whenever you focus on your life path and start gathering resources, you gain a lot of benefits.
  • When we find the advice that strikes us our inner wisdom recognizes it.
  • Richard Branson “Losing My Virginity.”
  • The polarity of the Judging function affects us.
  • Antonia’s polarity is Ti/Fe she can’t discount the need to create networks in her goals as she sets her precision oriented trajectory.
  • Joel’s polarity is Fi/Te. When he realizes the kind of person he wants to be, he creates a plan to reach these aims.
  • The reverse is also true.
  • If you know your MB type and your cognitive function stack, it is going to be the polarity that influences you. Focus on the dominant one, but don’t neglect its polar opposite.
  • Car Model
  • ENFP copilot is Fi – Te is 10 yr old. They are tied together, and they affect each other.
  • The judging processes light a fire within you and keep you honest.
  • When you are looking for advice/mentorship around how to get what you want out of life, use language around whatever your judging processes are.
  • Life Path – how are you going to go about getting what you want? What is your priority?
  • The Resources you gather.
  • The person you become.
  • The network you create.
  • The trajectory you set.
  • Sometimes these unfold after you begin your journey.
  • Clarity sometimes comes as you are in motion.
  • It is not necessary to plan everything before you start.
  • Once you are in motion and you figure out what you want, use your natural tools/talents that come with your decision-making process as the means to get you where you want to be.  


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  • Amanda

    I really wish there was an exact explanation for what the way to go about your life path is for an infp or authenticity/exploration user because I didn’t understand the part about polarities…what would that be in my case? I feel confused and I wanted to apply the concept in real life.

  • Tim Grey


    Who is the INTP speaker that you are referring to in this podcast? This person sounds interesting, and I am on the lookout for a mentor myself, and as an INTP, I’m curious to know who it is.


  • Gavin

    There was a random interview with a musical artist who’s father was the founder of Motown records. The interviewer asked the artist what was the most important advice his father gave him, and he said that “direction is more important than speed.” That stuck with me. And as an ENTP I now see why. Granted, I need to not be paralyzed by indecision, but to course correct while taking action. Thank you for this podcast.

  • Hatem Aly (@metahatem)

    I LOLed when I heard you talk about the INTP mentor and thought right away “EBEN PAGAN” !!I had the same experience with several people.. I preached him and they found him boring!..I could listen to his seminars for hours and get a kick from his talks including rambling and recommendations…look up something/someone he mentioned… and could listen again and again..strange.

    But that leaves me confused a bit..I am an INFP (sometimes I get “J” in tests but I am probably a P ) and yet I relate to the way you described your path a bit more.. I usually find my curiosity or obsessions win over values or redefine it constantly for some reason..even friends that are my type I find sometimes too intense or take themselves too I just getting old? am I unhealthy?or may be I should look into enneagram?

  • Kate

    This podcast has been really useful and has given me good some insights! I am an intj and already have a very solid direction and plan of action for life, including several hundred steps mapped out to accomplish it. However, I am currently struggling to understand and support my husband in this process of planning a path (he is an isfj).

    Do you have any advice for how an Effectiveness person can support a Harmony person in their growth? Is that even possible since his path involves networking (which is kind of beyond my skills)?

  • Kate

    *some good

  • Diane Dove

    In this podcast your mentioned finding a mentor that really resonates w/ your personality type. Any recommendations for ISFJ type?

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