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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about what it means to apologize and grant forgiveness.

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  • Christina Zurkiwskyj

    Hey There,
    What I find troubling is how to go about relationships that are not leveled. Like a parent and a child or a boss and employee. I think that there are a lot of lost opportunities for growth because of our status and position. Even as a grown child, there is still a feeling of respect for the parent that might always exist in the relationship. So when there needs to be a conversation about forgiveness and apology to heal or grow, it is avoided because they will always be the elder. Is there a way to get around this?

  • Janne

    Nice podcast, interesting topic! While I was listening I was thinking about forgiving yourself. I think that this is as important or even more important than getting forgiveness of another person. Even when the other person has forgiven you I think a lot of people will still live with guilt for what they did. In order to grow and learn from the event I think it is important to forgive yourself. It’s just something I wanted to add to the conversation 🙂

  • Leslie Adamson

    Interesting podcast Joel & Antonia. A couple weeks ago my daughter was telling me that Gary Chapman just came out with a new test for our Apology languages ( I really think you guys were on to something when you said a ‘thinker’s’ apology is different from a ‘feeler’s’. Great food for thought.

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