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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about strategies for owning yourself and not giving away your personal sovereignty.

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  • Barbara

    I’m listening and it made sense. I’m an INFP and I really relate to the idea of giving my sovereignty over to a value more so than to a person. I also understand how identity is part of the picture. When I give in, lots of times it doesn’t fit my identity. It can freeze you when it comes to making decisions, when your identity and the available options don’t jibe. Simple example: a person needs new underwear. Their identity is eco-friendly and economical. The person wants to order organic cotton, but that’s too expensive, so do they bite the bullet and order it, or buy whatever they find at the local store. Or wait and see what turns up at the thrift shop?! For a person led by introverted feeling, every decision has deep ramifications in turns of values and identity. You’ve offered some food for thought that hopefully will help me make quicker decisions and not feel like I’ve betrayed myself all the time.

    • Gabriella Fritz

      Barbra that is such a good example and helped clarify it. I use Fi as well but what Joel and Antonia said just wasn’t clicking. But you’re right, thats why other people making discussions for me is so difficult; they get it wrong and I feel a loss of…my value being encroached upon I suppose (just getting vocabulary for it.)
      Time is the biggest one for me. When I put off and cancel everything to be there for someone I love and they don’t show up my teeth grit at how my time was wasted and am angry saying in my head “you should know by now how much my time means to me!” “If they’d told me they’d be an hour late I could have done so much!” It’s a personal felt hurt against who I am and what I could have done with my being. Where as Fe would be more concerned about the relationship dynamics?

  • Veronika

    As an INFP I really related to a lot of the things you said …

  • Danny

    Thank you for the great podcast , really opened my mind to situations i am feeling right now.

  • Leslie

    This was a really good subject for me. I struggle constantly with feeling victimized by what I now see is my unconscious allegiance to a hidden value, which is that the truth must always be told. I honor this value in ways that are detrimental to my social and work situations. I was waiting for your recommendations on how to come to terms with that struggle. At the end when you, Antonia, said that the pattern interrupt is to realize that you are making a choice between values, and to question them was the most applicable part of the podcast for me. I’m constantly taking a hit for honoring this value of truth over convenience and personal safety, and then feeling victimized about the consequences that follow. I’m an ENFP. Can you suggest ways to get the two opposing needs into better balance? It’s as though I’m being run by the pilot and the kids in back. The same pattern unfolds over and over where I enter a system, find it in discord with my values but get hooked on the flow state it brings. I end up fighting the system and usually an explosive end ensues..which I see as me being victimized. Does that make sense?

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