Enrollment Has Ended For Profiler Training
The Profiler Training Certification is a Deep-Dive, Full-Immersion Program to Help You Calibrate and Master the Skill of Being a Personality Profiler
 Gain an “upper edge” by establishing a deep, authentic connection with anyone you meet, decoding the psychology of important people in your life, and unlocking your personal-growth potential
These POWERFUL profiling skills allow you to sit down with anyone, have a conversation with them and
map out their personality type based on the what they’ve said...

You'll be able to explain to them who they are and how their personality type influences their decisions and thoughts...
...do this and you'll inspire reactions like...

“Wow! I feel like I’ve just been palm read!”

“You officially know me better than anyone else in my life”

“I feel like you just X-rayed my brain!”


“OMG! Can you tell my spouse what you just said about me? 
Because I’ve been trying to explain this to him for YEARS!”
You'll discover:
  •  Comprehensive, deep dive-explanations of on the four dichotomies, eight cognitive functions, type dynamics and how all of these components dance with one another
  •  The 3-part profiling meta-system that allows you to quickly and accurately profile 
  •  All the novice profiler “common mistakes” that result in mistypes
  •  How to “secure the perimeter” and rapidly build rapport so you draw out sensitive but critical information during a profiling conversation 
  •  How to spot and decipher counterintuitive cues and markers 
  •  How to conduct the perfect conversational profiling session with tested frameworks and insightful questions to ask
  • How to uncover your personal-growth sticking points  
Also, you’ll gain access to:
  •  The official Profiler Training Private community (123 alumni and counting) 
  •  VIP invitation to all future Profiler Training live events
  •  Unlimited access to all monthly Q&A calls (70 hours+ recorded so far)
  • Credible peer review and feedback for calibrating your profiling skills  
What the Enthusiasts are saying...
“PT's given me a confidence that I didn't have before.”

"In both my personal and professional life, PT's given me a confidence that I didn't have before. Personally, I now have a vocabulary and an understanding of what people may be experiencing and why they are probably experiencing it. I can use that understanding to shape an outcome that drives towards an experience or goal in a way I would not have had the bravery to do before." --Meredith Roberts

"The Profiling process also helps me connect with people better while traveling the world."

"The Profiling process also helps me connect with people better while traveling the world. The old Klaus would have never been able to connect so quickly with a stranger.." --Klaus Schepers

“It's like discovering the good, bad and ugly about my type”

“My favorite part was discovering my true self. Each lesson revealed a different piece of the puzzle until all the pieces fell into place. It's like discovering the good, bad and ugly about my type, then using that knowledge to truly know my capabilities in life.” --Edison Guzman
 What the Careerists are saying...
“I know that my business wouldn't be half what it is now... ”

As a life coach, I now aim to empower introverts to create lives in which they can thrive. I do this both through one to one sessions and through building community online. I know that my business wouldn't be half what it is now if I didn't have the additional tools that I learned through Profiler Training. --Alice Southern

“Looking back at all of these pieces, I can see that they have built the foundation for a new, more satisfying career.”

PT has also allowed me opportunities to build upon what I've learned and grow in both my practice of profiling and my ability to help others with what I know, with mentoring groups and the Profiler Coaching program. I have found that once I have completed a certain piece, there is the next piece ready and waiting for me to get started--looking back at all of these pieces, I can see that they have built the foundation for a new, more satisfying career. --Meredith Roberts

“It complements my professional training, honing my perceptive abilities and has provided an additional framework from which to approach a deep understanding of my patients.”

As a mental health professional, the Personality Hacker Profiler Training has been invaluable to me. It complements my professional training, honing my perceptive abilities and has provided an additional framework from which to approach a deep understanding of my patients. I can now employ both passive and active profiling with my patients to better meet their needs and also use passive profiling to function more smoothly with my colleagues and administrators. I highly recommend the program to anyone in the fields of mental health, psychology, coaching, personal development, consulting, leadership, and marketing. --Jamian Reed
Hey, it’s Antonia from Personality Hacker,

Let me ask you a question:

Do you remember when you first learned about personality types?

Maybe you were told by a friend or colleague to take this MBTI test..

After answering the questions and reading up on your type, you became curious about what other insights the “Typology” thing could offer.

From there, you learned about the other types and their fascinating wiring.

Perhaps, you started profiling all the important people in your life, so you could get a peek inside of their mind.

Slowly but surely.. as you dug deeper into this rabbit hole...
An entire new world opened up to you
You began to see how with the skill of profiling…
  •  You get to speak the language of another person -- which allows you to motivate, persuade and influence them.
  •  You get to quickly build connections with people that you meet -- which allows you to make friends with anyone and adapt to any new environment you find yourself in.
  •  You get to step inside of another person’s shoes during times of conflict and gain an understanding of where they’re coming from -- which allows you to reduce or even eliminate friction from nearly all facets of life.
  •  And most importantly, you get to understand yourself better -- which allows you to uncover your personal growth opportunities, and finally understand why you couldn’t seem to overcome certain life challenges -- no matter how hard you’ve tried in the past.  
Perhaps, at this point, you’re even looking at using profiling in your career as a coach, team leader or maybe a hiring manager.
Even though you’ve seen first hand, the limitless power of this skill; even though you know that you can benefit from this skill for the rest of your life..

You still feel a sense of unease about going forward and hinging the success of your career on this skill..

“I don’t know how good I am, I feel like I’m pretty good... but I really don’t know...”

“I’m still not 100% sure about my type”

“There’s still knowledge gaps I’m unsure of… like how trauma, age, health factors, mental issues and culture play into the whole picture”

“Am I really qualified to profile somebody as a coach?”

When the stakes are high, would you bet on yourself to “get it right”?
These insecurities prevent you from moving forward with your career plans. You know in the back of your mind that these doubts probably won’t be silenced by simply reading a few more articles on type, listening to a few more podcasts, debating in online discussion boards, or spending more time speculating the type of T.V show characters.

So what exactly do you need to do to build up your confidence and overcome these lingering insecurities?

Well, let me ask you..

What’s required to reach mastery in any skill?
Let’s say you want to become a master pianist, you obviously wouldn’t spend all day studying sheet music.

If you want to become an Olympic level swimmer, you wouldn’t waste your time debating about stroke techniques.

If you’re looking to become fluent in French, you wouldn’t invest all your time studying French history.

Not at all, because these activities won’t help you reach mastery in any of these skills -- they only make you a spectator. Instead..

To reach “mastery” in any skill, you need to meet these 3 conditions:
Condition #1: Turn your theories into application through “deliberate practice.”
This means that you have a specific plan for what to practice and how to practice. You have benchmarks and milestones you’re aiming for and a schedule to follow which helps you turn the knowledge you have into skills you can perform.

This is the morning laps in the pool, the French vocabulary rehearsals, and the daily, 6pm piano practices.

Condition #2: Receive credible feedback from qualified peers, coaches or mentors. Because without the right feedback from the right people, there’s no way for you to calibrate and know for sure if you’re on the right track of improvement.

This is the feedback from the swim coach, the French conversion buddy and the Piano tutor.

Condition #3: Become involved with a support community to stay accountable.
This community keeps you motivated and inspired to follow through with your deliberate practice until you’ve reached mastery.

This would be the swim team, the neighbors when you relocate to France and your band.
So do you THINK you’re good or do you
KNOW you’re good?
Up until this point, you’ve probably spent a lot of time studying the theories behind Type. You may have had some experience passively profiling T.V. show characters and participating in online debates around the topic. You may have even done some active profiling sessions with friends and family.
But since there’s no measurable benchmark to hit, and nothing reflecting back to prove how good you ACTUALLY are...

You’re probably still insecure about your abilities.

As hinted, the solution to this is to perform deliberate practice, gain credible feedback and get involved with a community to stay accountable.

Once you put these 3 conditions in place, you would be on your way to achieving mastery of this skill. And naturally, with mastery, comes your confidence and certainty that you have what it takes to use this skill in your career.

The creation of a unique ecosystem
Around mid-2009, we started to pay more attention to the online discussions around personality types and profiling. We also started to communicate more often with our readers and podcast listeners.

Through our observation, we realized that even though our students were becoming better educated about the profiling concepts, they were struggling with the confidence, accuracy, and calibration of the skill.

We knew for them to improve and gain mastery of the skill, we needed to create a community -- an ecosystem of some sort.

A place where they could receive the structured, comprehensive education on personality profiling; a place where they could practice, receive constructive feedback, calibrate and be kept accountable to steadily improve.

Around the same time, an Australian couple came to us asking us if we could teach them how to do what we do.

Shortly after teaching them this skill, a few more people contacted us, wanting to know how they could also get involved.

We saw a chance -- a chance for us to derive a comprehensive, structured and tested curriculum based off of what we were teaching. Also, we saw how by uniting these first students under one roof, we could begin to establish this much needed ecosystem.

And this marked the beginning of the Profiler Training Certification program.

Since then, the community has grown to over 150 members. We’ve added dozens of new lessons to the curriculum and we brought in full-time help to enhance the quality of the community.

And now we’re opening the doors again to welcome the next cohort of future master Personality Profilers.
Introducing Personality Hacker's 
Profiler Training Certification 2.0
The Full Immersion, Interactive Experience Developed to Help You Cultivate, Calibrate and Perfect Your Profiling Skill so You Can Use it to Go to the Next Level in Your Career, Relationships and Personal Development Journey
The Profiler Training Certification program is a learn-at-your-own-pace, online modular training that takes you through the entire process of mastering the skill of Profiling.

The course is accompanied by the exclusive Profiler Training community. Inside this community, you will find mentorship from credible, vetted Profiling enthusiasts from all corners of the world. 

What’s included in the Profiler Training Certification Curriculum:
PART #1: Personality type and cognitive functions deep dive
This is a comprehensive training on the fundamental and intermediate concepts of personality profiling. The curriculum is presented in a way that allows you to finally gain a holistic understanding of how personality profiling works.

You’ll discover concepts like...
  •  Step-by-step to becoming intimately familiar with each of the 8 functions and understanding how they show up “in the wild” (Driver, Co-pilot, 10 and 3 year old)
  •  What to “unlearn” - The top misconceptions about Personality Profiling that even advanced Typology enthusiasts overlook 
  •  The 1 counterintuitive, meta-belief you need to adopt to become a master profiler
  •  Why most Intuitives learn to behave like Sensors at a young age (and the one question to ask to draw them out of hiding)
  •  How to use the “Ladder of Abstraction” to calibrate your communication, so you can speak the language that all personality types appreciate (This helps you avoid getting “blank stares” when you’re in a conversation)
  •  “Thinking“ v.s. “Feeling“ is NOT about being cerebral v.s. emotional -- Thorough explanation of the real difference
  •  Growth potential 201 using the Car Model -- How to use your new understanding of cognitive functions to access your personal “Genius State”
  •  The “Salt and Fork Test” - A silly game you can play to differentiate between the two styles of intuition. (As you probably know, “Intuition” gets a little tricky -- this is how you finally discern between two)

PART #2: The 4-Part Perfect Profile Framework
     You’ll learn the step-by-step process to conduct a perfect “profiling session” -- where you sit someone down for an hour, decode their mind and explain back to them who they are and why they make the decisions the way they do.

Learn advanced concepts like..
  •  What are you using as your “control”? -- Why using yourself as a “profiling measuring stick” will lead you to mistyping others (and what to do about it)
  •  A proven process I’ve been using for the last 10 years for conducting awesome profiling sessions
  •  The 6 Essential Profiling Mindsets -- Adopt these mindsets to make your profiling sessions insightful, fun and a mutually beneficial experience
  •  “Not everyone will allow you to ‘sit them down’ and profile them” -- What to do when you find yourself in a situation when you’re sensing resistance and pushback (because they're too creeped out by how profoundly you’re starting to know them)
  •  Let the observers participate.. or not? -- Best practices for facilitating a profiling session when you have other people listening in on your sessions 
  •  Their ego is being threatened! What to do when you accidentally stumble into sensitive territory to prevent you from bombing your profiling session 
  •  The 80/20 approach for building rapport -- Works even if you’re not very charismatic, consider yourself a “people person” or don’t like small talk
  •  The Profiling Starter Questions mind map -- A proven collection of 12 insight-revealing questions you can use right away for your profiling sessions
  •  How to verify that you’re “on the right track” as you’re moving through the profiling process to avoid grossly mistyping at the end of an hour-long session (and avoid the embarrassing “Um, this doesn’t resonate with me at all..” response)
  •  During a professional environment, sometimes the person you’re profiling NEEDS to test a certain way to “survive till’ the next day” -- What to do if they resist an accurate portrayal of their life (how to navigate around this challenge and still conduct a valuable profiling session)
Click Here to see the syllabus.
Profiler Training Community Lifetime Membership
This community is like no other on the planet. Since all the members are supportive, mature students, the quality of the conversations is simply unrecognizable from other online discussion boards on personality types. You’ll be participating in productive, collaborative conversations instead of competitive, lose-lose debates.

Experience benefits like...
  •  Receive credible feedback and peer reviews to calibrate and fine tune your profiling skills
  •  Participate in the private discussion forum to discuss Type with advanced Profiling Enthusiasts and Careerists
  •  Gain access to monthly Q&A calls where you get to ask questions
  •  Adopt a new peer group of friends who share your enthusiasm for Typology
Personality Hacker Profiler Certification
  •  Rest assured that you have a credible organization behind you if you’re ever questioned about your credentials 
  •  Gain the confidence to position yourself as a Typology authority and administer credible advice
  •  Opportunity to work with the P.H. family as a certified Profiler in the near future
The MOST Comprehensive Approach to Cultivating, Sharpening and Mastering the skill of Profiling 
The “Game Changer” for your Personal, Interpersonal and Career Development
“Profiler Training got me into action.”

Profiler Training got me into action. Not so much about the learning part, that comes naturally to me. But the doing part, having an outside structure and actively profiling people, and getting feedback from others who are doing the same at the same time.

Klaus Schepers

“I will always have a group of people who will be there sharing the journey with me”

When I joined I had already listened to every single Personality Hacker podcast (and probably read most of the free articles!), but I still learned so much from the experience. The resources were thorough and helpful, but the community was even better. I love having somewhere where I can bounce ideas and ask for help. I know that however much I grow as a profiler and as a coach, I will always have a group of people who will be there sharing the journey with me.

Alice Southern

“Profiler training helped me to understand myself better, accept myself better, and be gentler on myself.”

I really signed up for it out of intellectual curiosity and didn't realize that profile training was going to catapult me into massive personal growth. Originally I was typed incorrectly and began to identify myself as that wrong type. After about 6 months I was typed correctly it was really a life changer for me. As a result of knowing my correct type I was able to understand there how I showed up in the world better.

Profiler training helped me to understand myself better, accept myself better, and be gentler on myself. It also helped me to gain a greater insight into and accept myself for who I am more deeply.

Susan Lamping

“Behaviors that have driven me crazy about family in the past are easier to tolerate when you know the intentions behind them”

 This training helped me see into my mom's mind, and finally get why she has what I always perceived to be quirks. And behaviors that have driven me crazy about family in the past are easier to tolerate when you know the intentions behind them.

Elizabeth Backer

How the Personality Hacker Profiler Training is unlike any other personality profiling education out there?
Unlike the other courses out there, the Profiler Training Certification is not a bunch of “information” that you passively consume. Rather, it’s a full-immersion, interactive experience where you’ll be learning the most advanced Profiling techniques alongside over 100 other serious profiling enthusiasts and careerists.

Also, If you’ve been following Personality Hacker for any amount of time, then you know, unlike the other Typology material out there, our material is not presented in a stuffy, inaccessible language -- we have fun and we don’t put you to sleep!
“It was a lot of fun, this wasn’t something that you have to grind through -- it’s something you will enjoy along the way”
 “You guys have a profound gift for making it accessible for everyone”
Who is the Profiler Training for?
The Profiler Training Certification program is created for two types of people:

1) Profile Enthusiasts who are looking to improve and calibrate their profiling skills
  •  Have you been studying Typology for the last few years? 
  •  Are you looking for more practical techniques for profiling more quickly and accurately?
  •  Are you familiar with many of the concepts and theories of profiling, but feel that you’re short on practice?
  •  Are you searching for a comprehensive system that integrates all the concepts you’ve learned over the years together?
  •  Are you searching for a supportive peer group with a serious interest in Typology
If so, the Profiler Training program is for you.

2) Profile Careerists who are looking to pursue a career related to Typology
  • Are you looking to adopt a leadership role at your company OR currently in the brainstorming phase of starting your own coaching practice?
  • Are you looking to become more persuasive, influential and have your opinions accepted and taken seriously?
  • Are you looking to calibrate your profiling skills so you can confidently put this
If so, the Profiler Training program is for you.

Profiler Training is NOT for: 
People who are looking to use their knowledge as a weapon
As you know, Profiling is a powerful tool and could easily be used to manipulate others. If you have sinister intentions then we don’t want you as a part of this community.

People who are looking for a magic bullet or are NOT willing to put in the work

“Magic bullets” don’t exist when you’re looking to master a skill. If you don’t want to invest the effort in practicing and participating in the community, then this training is not for you.

People who are looking to use the Certification as an “argument ender”

If you’re looking to use the PH Certified status as a way to win all your Typology-related debates, then this is not for you. (Don’t you have something more productive to do?)

People who do NOT have the “beginner’s mind” -- “Knowing is the enemy of learning”

The Profiler Training WILL cover some seemingly basic concepts of Profiling. But these “basics” encapsulate the subtle nuances that most people overlook when learning this skill. Before understanding these nuances, it’s almost impossible for someone to accurately profile.

If you believe that you’re “too advanced for the basics”, then you’re likely to overlook these key nuances. Unless you’re willing to adopt the “beginner’s mind”, this training is not for you.

People who need hand-holding

Even though we’re going to provide you with the right amount of attention to help you calibrate your skill, we’re not here to babysit you. If you’re not willing to take initiative to study the material, show up for calls and participate in the discussions on your own, then this training is not for you.

People who are seeking “group therapy”

Profiler Training is NOT intended to help treat your emotional or relationship challenges -- this is not to be confused as group therapy. If you’re struggling in those areas, the program is not right for you -- we would encourage you to go seek help from a specialist instead.

People who are seeking a Psychology degree

Profiler Training is not an alternative to a psychology degree -- you go to school for that.
Important note on what Profiler Training is NOT
This training is NOT to be confused with a “business opportunity” program
  • It’s NOT going to teach you the steps for building a coaching practice 
  •  The training does NOT contain information on how you should market yourself as a coach
  •  It does NOT contain information on how you should price and sell your services
  •  It’s NOT a program that guarantees you a pipeline of clients 
However, many members of the Profiler Training community ARE established coaches and consultants. You’re open to connect with these members and pick their brain on their success -- we encourage you to!
Commonly Asked Questions 
about Profiler Training 2.0
“How is this different from learning from the material in the Podcast?“
The Personality Hacker podcast provides Typology information that you can passively consume. On the other hand, the Profiler Training is an organized, full-immersion ecosystem that helps you adopt the profiling techniques, practice them in a controlled environment, gain insightful feedback, calibrate and fine-tune your skills.

The difference is like studying from a foreign language course versus traveling to the foreign country and learning the language from the locals.
“I'm in other courses...should I still join?“
The way to get the best results from the Profiler Training is for you to be fully immersed in the material. If you’re currently going through other immersion programs (e.g an 8-week coding bootcamp, etc), we recommend you do NOT enroll in the Profiler Training.
“How much time do I need to invest to learn this material?“
There’s over 85 hours worth of content in the Profiler Training program -- this is excluding the Q&A calls and group discussions. 

The program is set up so you have the flexibility to move at your own pace. However, for you to fully grasp this skill, we recommend you budget at least 5 hours per week towards studying and implementing the material. Just like any skill, the more time you spend implementing, the faster you learn.

“What type of people am I going to be learning with?“
The Profiler Training cohort consists of coaches, psychotherapists, musicians, hostage negotiators, Olympic trainers, business owners and even Ivy League sociology professors. In other words, you’ll be learning alongside intelligent, like-minded, cool people.

“How much attention and feedback can I expect from instructors?“ 
Here are the ways you will receive feedback when you’re going through the Profiler Training:
  •  There’s a 90 minute Q&A call every month you can attend
  •  There’s always a representative available in the Facebook group to respond to your quick questions
  •  You can reach out through e-mail
Bottom line, you’re going to receive the right amount of personalized attention to help you succeed.

Plus, we recommend you find a “study buddy” during the program. Someone who can connect with and help each other stay accountable. 

“I’m already pretty advanced in profiling. Should I still join?“
Some members from the previous alumni came into the program with solid understanding of Typology concepts. However, in most cases, they lacked real world practice, peer review and never received legitimate feedback.

A big part of the Profiler Training is to give you feedback and help you “calibrate” accordingly. This allows you to not only understand the concepts, but also internalize the skill.

We also have some MBTI certified members in the community. They’ve all expressed that they’ve learned a lot from the program.

As mentioned earlier -- “knowing is the enemy of learning”. If you believe you’re already “pretty advanced”, then we would suggest that you adopt the “beginner’s mind” first before you consider joining.
How much prerequisite knowledge do I need before I can join/pick up the program?
The Personality Profiler Training curriculum was created for intermediate to advanced students, however, it includes a bonus “Quick Start Module” that covers the complete basics of personality profiling. You can expect be all caught up with what you need to know by going through this bonus.
Is this like palm reading?
Personality profiling is NOTHING like palm reading. It’s not about reading your aura, detecting your “energy” or any of the “woo woo” stuff.
“How credible is the Personality Hacker brand on a professional level? Will employers recognize my credential?“ 
  •  As a company, we’ve done consulting for companies like Zappos and Oracle. 
  •  Many of our students post their credentials on LinkedIn.
  •  We’ve had employers sponsor their students to get this program. 

An Ironclad Guarantee: Try "Profiler Training"
For A Full 90-Days, 100% RISK-FREE!

These are my personal guarantees to you when you join the Profiler Training Certification program:

If you implement the exercises and techniques from the sessions, you will gain an unshakeable confidence in your ability to quickly and accurately profile anyone you meet

You will finally gain a sense of belonging in the Profiler community because you’ll be surrounded by a group of the most interesting, inspiring people you’ve ever come across

If you’re not fully convinced that this is the most comprehensive, deep-dive training you’ve ever seen on Profiling


If you simply don’t feel like you’re suitable for the training for ANY reason..

Simply send us an e-mail at any time during the 30 days and we’ll refund you 100% of your tuition

Look, we understand that life gets busy at times. We don’t want to make you feel like you have to rush through the material to quickly make a final decision on keeping the program before you’re completely certain.

Take your time, try out the program and test the community for 30 days -- risk free.

Standard Package:
Profiler Training Certification 2.0
Inside this package you're going to get:
1.  Profiler Training Certification Curriculum:  85+ hours worth of content modular training that takes you through the entire process of mastering the skill of Profiling
2.  Profiler Training Community Lifetime Membership
3.  Personality Hacker Profiler Certification
4.  Monthly Q&A Calls with Joel & Antonia

Registration for Profiler Training is currently closed. 

VIP Package:
Profiler Training Certification +
A 5-Day Profiling Retreat
1. Profiler Training Certification Curriculum: 85+ hours of content modular training that takes you through the entire process of mastering the skill of Profiling
2.  Profiler Training Community Lifetime Membership (plus a slack channel)
3.  Personality Hacker Profiler Certification
4.  Monthly Q&A Calls with Joel & Antonia

Profiler Training 5-Day Retreat!
Join us for an exclusive retreat we created for Profiler Training students who want to a more intimate experience
Share ideas, experiences and “off-the-record” stories over wine and dark chocolate with us and a tight-knit group of intelligent, growth-minded profiling enthusiasts

Location: Portland, Oregon

: 5 days and 4 nights at McMenamin’s Edgefield Historic Hotel

Dates: Sunday, April 22 - Thursday, April 26

Venue: McMenamins -The Edgefield

Address: 2126 S.W. Halsey St.,Troutdale, OR, 97060

Availability: only 15 slots available

You Will...
  • Connect with Joel and I on an intimate, one-on-one level through deep, intuitive conversation
  • Take your profiling insights to a new level through whiteboard sessions, hands-on workshops, role playing games and small group discussions
  • Share ideas, stories and experiences with other intelligent, evolved, motivated minds around a campfire (people you meet will likely become lifelong friends)
  • Do yoga and meditation to calm your mind
  • Partake in group coaching sessions where Joel and I will help you understand yourself more deeply
  • Profiling Movie Night: We’ll watch a movie together and profile the characters in real time
  • Enjoy a hiking trip where we’ll explore my childhood stomping grounds
  • Journaling exercises to gather your thoughts and dream
  • Join Personality Hacker’s “inner circle”
We'll Share...
  • Graves Model: How the 16 personality types manifest based on your Graves Model/Spiral Dynamics “level”
  • Insights on how to type celebrities and famous people.
  • Learn how race and gender affect how you “show up” to the world
  • How the language we speak affects how we project our own cognitive functions
  • Generational Theory: How being a “Gen xer,” ”Millennial” or “Baby Boomer” influences your behaviour. 
  • How your family tree can influence your personality type
Plus you'll get...
  • Food: 14 meals and 2 drinks including breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks
  • Vouchers: complimentary 30-minute massage and Uber vouchers to cover your trip to and from Portland International Airport  
  • Gift basket: a unique gift which includes a bottle of wine, free t-shirt, chocolate, a journal and a few other treats ;-)
Invest in This VIP Package Today

Registration for Profiler 
Training is currently 

Why Join Profiler Training Now?

Enrollment for the Profiler Training is only open once each year
If you miss out on this enrollment cycle, you will have to wait another 12 months before we can offer you another chance to enroll.

Get into the community while it’s still intimate
The cohort size of the Profiler Training has been doubling every year ever since 2014. If the trend continues, then there will never be a more intimate learning experience than this 2017 cohort. Maximize your chances for getting the most individual attention by joining now.

Start experiencing the benefits in all areas of your life sooner than later
You already know that the skill of Profiling levels up every single part your life. The sooner you start calibrating your skill, the sooner you start experiencing the new, enhanced benefits -- what’s a better time to start than now?

Which Package is Right for You?
Standard Package:
Profiler Training Certification 2.0
1. Profiler Training Certification Curriculum: 85+ hours of content modular training that takes you through the entire process of mastering the skill of Profiling
2.  Profiler Training Community Lifetime Membership (plus a slack channel)
3.  Personality Hacker Profiler Certification
4.  Monthly Q&A Calls with Joel & Antonia

Registration for Profiler 
Training is currently 
VIP Package:
Profiler Training Certification +
A 5-Day Profiling Retreat
1. Profiler Training Certification Curriculum: 85+ hours of content modular training that takes you through the entire process of mastering the skill of Profiling
2.  Profiler Training Community Lifetime Membership (plus a slack channel)
3.  Personality Hacker Profiler Certification
4.  Monthly Q&A Calls with Joel & Antonia
5.  Profiler Training Retreat

Registration for Profiler 
Training is currently 
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