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CarolMcQ recently asked:

My husband is clearly an intuitive, and I’m a sensory. Do you have an article on how a sensory person can relate to and make an intuitive more at ease? I just figured out that this difference is what makes for most of our discussion problems.

This is a GREAT question.

I have two powerful suggestions for putting your Intuitive mate at ease if you have a Sensory learning style. Watch this video to find out what they are:

One more note on relating to an Intuitive…

Putting an Intuitive at ease and relating to an Intuitive aren’t exactly the same thing, so I wanted to make a comment addressing your question on how to relate.

Most people lose their sense of imagination and playfulness when they grow up – they see that as just for ‘children’. Intuitives, however, are constantly looking for ways to implement their imagination. They never quite lose that desire to play in an imaginary world. On top of that, when they become adults, they now realize that it could be possible to make the ‘real world’ like the world of their imagination, which is intoxicating! Now, combine that with a strong need to make an impact on their environment, and you’ve got a taste of what it’s like to live in the mind of an Intuitive.

I highly recommend reading The Imagineering Workout by Peggy Van Pelt. This is an inside look at an entire work environment – the Disney Imagineering creative team – that caters to and encourages the Intuitive learning style. Bonus, it also has exercises to really get in that mindset. If you’re looking for a way to relate and get in that mindspace, give the book a try!

Let me know how it goes. Cheers!


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  • Jupiter

    what about the opposite? how does an intuitive who has forgotten or tired of blending put their mate at ease?

  • Mary

    I love your explanations, they’re so clear and easy to understand… Good work!

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