[VIDEO] How ENFP – INFP – ESFP – ISFP Personality Types Say “I Love You”

When an authenticity user says "I Love You" it may not be with words. These types feel depths of inner emotions that are in need of constant reflection and refinement. To others this can appear [...]

Three Mistakes that ENFPs Make in Relationships (and How to Avoid Them!)

In our continuing series on the 3 mistakes each personality type makes in relationships, we turn our attention to ENFPs and provide some helpful suggestions for more successful relationships.

[Video] How Introverted Sensing (Si) “Memory” Shows Up As A 3-Year-Old Inferior Cognitive Function

In this video Joel (ENFP) describes how Introverted Sensing (Si) shows up for him as an inferior cognitive function. This is the 3-Year-Old (inferior) process for all ENFPs and ENTPs in the [...]

8 Insights From Profiling Hundreds of Musicians

Over the past five years, I’ve actively profiled dozens and passively profiled hundreds of musicians for iNtuitiveMusician.com. In the process, I’ve mined a few insights that I thought were [...]