[Video] How Introverted Sensing (Si) “Memory” Shows Up As A 3-Year-Old Inferior Cognitive Function

In this video Joel (ENFP) describes how Introverted Sensing (Si) shows up for him as an inferior cognitive function. This is the 3-Year-Old (inferior) process for all ENFPs and ENTPs in the [...]

The Virtues Of Digging Down The Wrong Rabbit Hole

In the personality hacker’s game, misjudging your strengths and trajectory is a slippery slope to a life so out of alignment you cannot fathom the desperation til it’s upon you. If you find [...]

8 Insights From Profiling Hundreds of Musicians

Over the past five years, I’ve actively profiled dozens and passively profiled hundreds of musicians for iNtuitiveMusician.com. In the process, I’ve mined a few insights that I thought were [...]