[Video] How Your Dominant Cognitive Function Influences Your Relationship — Type Pairings (Pt 2)

Today, we’re inviting you to a new, one-time virtual event called “Romance and Relationships 256.”

It’s a type-by-type comparison of how your personality type pairs with all 16 types in romantic relationships. That’s a deep dive into 256 relationship pairings.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or married, we’re going to teach you the art of decoding your past, present and future relationships. Using our “Affection Heuristics.”

Everything’s on the table: communication, money, jealousy, commitment fears, boredom, sex.  

But we’re only offering this virtual event once. After this one-time event, we will never be teaching in this format again. This is the event that everyone has been begging us to do since we started Personality Hacker.

Let’s recap what’s happening and how you can join us…

If you want to finally see how your type pairs with ANY of the 16 Myers-Briggs types – you need to sign up to join this one-time only type pairing event.

WHAT: A one-time virtual event called “Romance & Relationships 256”
WHERE: Virtual (watch online from your home or office)

After this offer, these videos(in its incarnation) will never be offered again because we’re going to be weaving them into our new Self-Discovery Kits. Imagine Starter Kits on steroids.

So this is your ONE chance to get access to all the 16 personality type pairing combinations. (Basically, in the future you’d have to spend $1,040 on all 16 Self-Discovery Kits to get access to all 256 romantic, side-by-side comparisons.)

If you’re interested in signing up for the event today, click here to learn more.

You have about a week to sign up before the event doors close.

So sign up. Then after watch this Fast Start Video. It’s part 1 of a 4 part mini series where Antonia and I discuss three big nodes that will impact your relationship dynamics.

  • Sarah Pierce

    I am an Istp with an istj husband. This rang true to me in the sense of addressing issues. I tend to address things as they happen and quite a bit more forcefully, whereas my husband will almost avoid addressing things (it feels like to me, anyways).

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