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Imagine your business as a bus. Your goal is to get the right people on the bus … in the right seats. We help businesses like yours hire, develop and get the right people on the bus in the right seats to build the best business team possible.


During The Hiring Process
(“getting the right people on the bus”)

A mis-hire can cost you… a lot. The traditional hiring methods are set up for failure. It’s almost impossible to know if a potential employee will work out during the interview process. By understanding which personalities fit into the positions you are hiring for – you can look for the exact person to fill the right spot.

Or when you find the right person – know how to tweak the position in little ways to enable your employee to shine, keep them excited about working with you and ultimately grow your business.

Profiling Current Employees
(“getting your people in the right seats”)

Now that you’ve got the right people on the bus – are they in the “right seats?” What if a “problem employee” isn’t actually a problem. A few tweaks to the position might be all that’s needed to bring a B-player up to A-player status. Let us do an assessment of your current team before you fire or let anyone go. We can often help not only salvage – but create a team dynamic that will thrive.


CASE STUDY: Consulting With Zappos! Insights


  • Challenges implementing marketing, training and communication systems
  • Difficulty fulfilling customer requests for “how to guides”
  • Over-focus on staff challenges at the cost of productivity
  • Lack of clarity or metrics around business goals
  • Most of their clients were CEOs and leaders of companies (which tend to be Effectiveness people)

After profiling the team we discovered the lead and his right hand man were both “Harmony” users. Of their 13 employees.

  • 10 made decisions with Harmony
  • 2 made decisions with Accuracy
  • 1 made decisions with Authenticity
  • 0 made decisions with Effectiveness


As you can imagine… when we pointed this out to the team – there was a massive “ah-ha” moment. The one thing clients needed (Effectiveness thinking) was their biggest blind spot. They were suffering from a very common problem that lots of businesses face – the person hiring tended to hire people like them. So there was an over-representation of Harmony on the team.

We helped them identify this blind spot and made recommendations on getting the right leadership to develop more “Effectiveness Thinking.” Today Zappos Insights trains CEOs and business leaders from all over the globe.

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