Your greatest purpose and mission in life are already inside you. Know yourself intimately enough to unlock your greatest potential.

Where are you at in life, right now?

Are you exactly where you want to be? Are you fully meeting your potential, progressively ‘scaling up’, building a tight infrastructure around your successes? Are you making the kind of impact in the world that you’d like to, or at least have a solid road map and compass to getting you there?

Or, are you where the overwhelming majority find themselves:

  • Knowing you have more to give, but fearing your potential will never be realized.
  • Living a ‘templatized life’ thinking, “I gotta make a living.”
  • On the ‘deferred life program’ – waiting for just the “right moment” to get your life going.
  • Resting into ‘good enough’, hoping you won’t have too many regrets later in life.
  • Wondering just whose life you’re living, cause it’s certainly not yours.

We are extraordinary beings. We are the only known animals that can imagine something that doesn’t already exist.

For example, you can train a monkey to imagine a bird. You ring a bell and show it a bird, and on the fifth bell ring the monkey is (presumably) imagining a bird. But communicate to it “imagine the bird with purple stripes,” it won’t be able to do it. No animal can imagine something it hasn’t experienced… except for humans.

Why does that matter?

You can imagine a life you haven’t yet lived. You can imagine a world you haven’t yet created. You can see the best version of yourself without having gotten there yet, and that means you know if you’re at your full potential.

Are you at the absolute peak of the life you’d like to create? Or do you instinctively know there’s more… and you’re just a few tweaks away from the life of your dreams?

Why would you need an “owner’s manual?”

Just like every machine needs a manual to understand how to operate it – your mind needs the same thing.

The problem is – we aren’t given a manual – we have to create it for ourselves. And each person’s manual is different. If you used someone else’s manual – it wouldn’t be for YOU. You are uniquely “you,” with a unique…

  • …set of experiences that have propelled you to where you’re in life right now.
  • …purpose and mission in life.
  • …’blind spot’ – the thing that trips you up without you even being able to see it.
  • …’growth state’ – the highest leverage thing you can do to fully experience your GENIUS.

For most people, they would only be able to create their ‘owner’s manual’ on their deathbed, once the ride was done. But can you create one NOW, when it will do the most good?

Welcome to Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual

For years I’ve studied the various components to personality: how our minds learn new information, how they make decisions, how they grow, where they tend to get “stuck” and how to find the “You Are Here Dot” – the exactly coordinates for where you are NOW.

When you look at a directory or map, the first thing you do is find the little red dot that indicates where you are at, even before you look for your destination. Why? Because if you don’t know your starting point, it doesn’t matter where you’re trying to go – you have no reference point to get there.

Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual is an eight session rich-media program that takes you through some of the most important elements of your personality and your future. (This program is not type specific but explores all the types by means of maps and models that apply to everyone on a micro and macro level.)

In this all-encompassing program, you will learn:

  • How to chart a path from where you’re at to where you want to go (Session 7)
  • The rule you must follow in order to make massive impact in the world (Session 4)
  • What is your greatest gift to the world? What has the world forgotten you’re here to remind it of? (Session 8)
  • How letting your needs go unmet sabotages your ability to become your best self (Session 2)
  • What your personality looks like when it’s at its best… and what it looks like when it’s behaving ‘naughty’ (Session 4)
  • How your mind takes in and understands information (Session 3)
  • How to create ‘inter-dependent’ relationship, and get out of dependent ones (Session 4)
  • What to look for in finding your ideal mentor (Session 4)
  • Facing up to the fears and discomfort your personality type faces (Session 4)
  • The “Car Model” that revolutionizes how you see your personality (Session 3)
  • How to know your personal level of development, and what the NEXT level looks like (Session 6)


  • Which need of yours is going perpetually unmet (Session 2)
  • How your mind evaluates information and makes decisions (Session 3)
  • The areas of life that you are consciously aware of… and what you totally miss (Session 3)
  • The struggle between the “adult” part of you and the 10-year-old inside (Session 3)
  • What causes depression… and the one sure-fire way of getting out of depression (Session 3)
  • The 8 mental processes we all use, and which ones you should be focusing on (Session 3)
  • A new model that keeps you from making knee-jerk reactions that cause pain (Session 3)
  • The filter through which you as an individual see most of reality (Session 3)
  • How to keep ‘basement needs’ from pulling you down and out of self-actualizing (Session 2)
  • How to deal with fear – both big and small (Session 2)
  • The one ‘sign’ that you HAVE to do something in your life (Session 2)
  • The difference between your ‘identity’ and your personality (Session 1)
  • How to know if you’re ready to go to the next level, or if there’s a lesson you still need to learn (Session 6)
  • Breaking free of the templatized life (Session 8)
  • How to know if you’re on the right track (Session 7)
  • What keeps us defensive and out of our genius (Session 3)
  • Why we get negative feedback from our friends and family when we reach out for greatness (Session 2)
  • How your imprints will determine whether you see the world as a friendly or a hostile place (Session 1)
  • How to know if you’re experiencing ‘good’ pain or ‘bad’ pain in life (Session 7)
  • How to make sure you learn from the past, instead of making the same mistakes over and over (Session 7)
  • What to do with beliefs that are holding you back (Session 8)
  • Giving yourself permission in areas of your life where you’re stuck (Session 7)
  • Tying it all together to know your starting point and your BHAG – big, hairy audacious goal (Session 8)
  • The 3 powerful questions that guide you to your greatest purpose and mission (Session 8)

type based webinar image


The Types & Motivation Webinar is a 4-hour, 3 part, course where Joel and Antonia respond to the needs of the community by discussing how each personality type is motivated in different ways.

In this webinar, we share:

  • The best way to take back your time.
  • The best way to work with your energy levels.
  • The best way to motivate yourself.

We don’t know of anyone teaching deep understanding of each personality type in an effort to increase personal motivation and energy preservation (a big issue for introverts!). So we decided to create this webinar and teach the core fundamentals of how each personality can get themselves motivated.


The tuition for Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual was originally $497, but we’re offering it now for only $197. That includes the Genius Style Assessment – a $67 value!

That’s $564 worth of value for only $197 – less than HALF the original cost. You get instant access to a life-altering program, for about 35% of the original tuition.


What have previous students said about the program?



It was such great information! I know exactly what to do to get to the next level. I know what to do five years from now. Anyone who wants to get to the next level in life, I highly recommend this program. Once you go through the program, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! You have to go through it to understand.- Edison Guzman

I figured out from this course that I only have a few fears that are holding me back from developing the skills I need and it’s been the same thing holding me back for many, many years. Now that I know what they are I can get to where I want to go. If you want to grow and have control of your life and where you’re going with your life, you really need to take this course. This is the course that will save you many, many, many years.” –  Paulo Ouellet

“Thank you so much for the Motivation webinar. I appreciate your generosity and all the valuable information you share. I loved learning about the different nodes, and the richness of the way they interact to affect our motivation. Learning more about the complexity of what influences motivation really helped me understand why it is not always as easy as we think it should be to get and stay motivated and why one approach doesn’t fit everyone. I especially appreciated Antonia’s sharing her fingerprint and how she used that knowledge of herself to create a motivation plan because it helped to move things from conceptual to practical understanding. I am deeply grateful for all that you have been sharing!”

– Joyce


My biggest take-away from this program was learning how and why I gather information and make my decisions. I would love to recommend this program because Antonia gives you insights into where you’re at right now and, most importantly, she gives you the map for your continued journey.”

– Frank Oknes

Life-changing [and] life-enhancing!

– Barbara Rosson

Remember, you’ll also get your Genius Style Assessment as a bonus – a $67 value.

guarantee-sealOur personal 30-day guarantee

When you buy Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual, you get 30 FULL DAYS to decide if it’s the right fit. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a full refund.


PersonalityHacker.com_Joel-Mark-Witt_Antonia-DodgeWe can’t wait for you to begin your journey of making big impact in the world…

Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt,
Co-Owners | Personality Hacker

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