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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about the need for social technologies in a world saturated in consumer technology and medical advances.


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  • Michelle the INTJ

    I have already told 3 or 4 people about Graves Model after I listened to this podcast just in the last 3 days! I just learned about it in your podcast and a tiny amount of “Google research” and already presented an informal presentation on it! I already feel like an expert when I know I’m just getting started. I was skeptical when listening to your podcast but you’re right; it’s an amazing model with a lot of crossover potential in other fields. I think people only think I’m the automatic leader when I’m around people of a similar level. Thank you for providing the insight. I’ve been a regular listener for a while now. I love the ideas you play around with.

  • Emily Hall

    I found this topic very thought provoking. I am a mother of two boys, they are really young so this won’t be an issue for me for a while, but I was thinking about how this relates to children adopting cultural technologies (I think that’s what y’all called it), i.e. social media, tinder — all that. But this adoption is occuring way before they are versed in the very basics of social technologies and interpersonal skills. Parent’s argue about some sort of ‘golden age’ that their kiddo can get on these apps or get a phone. In reality, if the personal skills and social technologies are not developed putting kids on these forums could be devastating, for them and others.

    Just a thought! Love you guys! Thanks for doing what you do.
    – Emily (ENFJ from OK)

  • Misha

    Great podcast as always! Can you do one on how to spread ideas and memes that matter and good for humanity. I think that’s a whole huge area in itself. It would be great to learn how to go about it from what you have learned through your models, work and personal experiences

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