Podcast – Episode 0299 – Is Image Management Wrong?

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about how we project and cast images in three primary ways: externally, internally, and philosophically.

In this podcast you’ll find:


In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about how we project and cast images in three primary ways: externally, internally, and philosophically.

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  • Justine G

    I found Joel’s take on the Te/Fi approach to image-management too ham-fisted.

    It was too skewed towards the Te end of the dynamic (competency), as if that’s all it really comes down too even for Fi-dominants. This is even without going into how Myers-Briggs is just one node in the totality of what determines who we are and how we want ourselves and others to see us.

    I also don’t understand the ‘its not what you know but who you know’ as supposedly THE Te/Fi take on knowledge, as if Joel didn’t value his own insights about human nature or the value of being educated etc. And how could he be ‘competent’, as he makes very clear he needs to be (and be seen as being), if he doesn’t ‘know’ anything? Is Joel just relying on Antonia to ‘know’ stuff (sounds very submissive to me)?

    Or is the point actually that Te/Fi doesn’t really believe in ‘truth’ in the strict sense, hence there is no real ‘truth’, only ‘this seems to work’, or ‘this is a constructive belief’ etc.?

    I am very prepared to accept that I have misunderstood Joel’s intentions and taken things too literally. I think perhaps it would have been better to have just left the typology stuff out of this particular podcast, unless you are prepared to flesh these things out in greater depth and nuance, otherwise it just cheapens it.

    Other than that I appreciate what you have to say.

  • Marge

    [INTJ] I think that (unfortunately) image management is important, to a certain extent. In my opinion, it is important, for example if you are a person that curses a lot to make an actual effort not to curse in specific scenarios so that you can keep a certain image (imagine a priest cursing in church?).
    That being said, as an Fi user I, like Joel, struggle with image management because I want to rebel against it (Joel personally attacked me when he mentioned using baggy clothes and all that hahahaha).
    I do think it was interesting when you guys mentioned the difference between Fi and Fe with image management, and I think what you guys said about each function’s focus on image is pretty true, I’ll provide an example to make my point:
    My partner is an INTP, so he has Fe somewhere in his stack. We both are private tutors for college and school students, and our focus on image management in this endeavor is SO different! My partner always dresses very professional looking, with long sleeved shirts tucked inside his pants, his hair always well done, formal shoes, etc… because he thinks that makes him look professional to his students, whereas I just put on whatever I find in my closet (crocs, baggy shirts, etc…) because my image management comes from my results as a tutor. I manage my relationship with the student and provide the best experience possible when it comes to teaching, but I could care less about my clothing when I go do the tutoring, because I think I’ll look professional if my students start to improve their grades, or if I manage to make a connection with them that will make them enjoy the tutoring as more than just another class.
    Anyway, great podcast once again! I really enjoyed it!

  • C

    Image management is a product of the false self, the ego. It is the ego that cares what other people think of you, not the real you. The real you is one with all other beings, at peace, ecstatic, and joyful. The real you has no image or form. Identify with the real, eternal, formless you, not the temporary, 3D illusory you.

    As long as your communication with others is clear, honest, and unambiguous, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you.

  • Nins

    Excellent topic as always, love your podcasts

  • Brenda Latevola

    I frankly don’t care what anybody else thinks. It’s the same as lying about who I really am. That’s deceitful. I just live according to the golden rule and don’t worry about anyone’s opinion. My opinion of myself is the only one that really counts.

  • H

    I feel like part of a rapid response division in regard to everything and I can’t help it. All too aware of how actions affect people and what actions need to be taken to remedy situations. This often leaves me feeling like I come across as spineless phony (Or at least that’s what my inner critic tells me).

    Some of the work I’ve been doing involves checking in with myself to see how I feel and what I think about situations. Not displaying concern just because a situation seems to call for it but because I have taken time to assess the situation and find within myself a genuine expression (of whatever kind)

    • Erica

      I completely resonate with your comment…I am just learning myself the terminology to really formulate my thoughts around how I am feeling, but I know that this is exactly how I feel. I am not familiar with “rapid response division”…is this where you see an action and immediately respond to what you are feeling from what you saw? I do this, if this is a thing…all the time…and I am learning I too need to slow down and realize that the response I am having is habitual at times and not serving me to identify with it, especially if what I am feeling is a result of what my inner critic has assessed. I so desire to express a genuine image of myself…and this POD cast was so helpful in determining how we can cast an image or vision of what we are wanting to become and then hold ourselves accountable.

      I am on a leadership journey and often find I have so much to work through just to lead myself…Thank you Antonio & Joel for all of your beautiful insight and tools!! You have definitely helped light my path !

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