This Is An Audio Sample From Our “Empowered (For INFJs & INFPs)” program. Annie Lalla (INFP) is one of six Empowered Council Members sharing her wisdom and insights on emotions, relationships, and finding your purpose.

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INFPs and INFJs —Finally overcome indecision, feeling judged, a lack of assertiveness, caring too much, feeling misunderstood and avoiding the intimacy you crave. Most people don’t understand or validate how you experience life. Learn how to create and assert boundaries, find motivation and follow your own path… all while embracing your greatest gift of empathy instead of seeing it as a burden.


  • Elle
    • Elle
    • November 10, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    Okay I have to be honest here. I was really excited about this program and trying to figure out a way to afford it. I’m an INFJ and looking for new strategies for becoming balanced in my type and effective in my life. But this audio clip made me second guess this program. And it’s just a personal preference thing. I don’t know if others would feel the same way. But the music, the people talking all together and possibly interrupting each other and the cursing would make this ineffective for me. The actual information is inspiring enough. There doesn’t have to be a soundtrack. And if I want cursing I can listen to Tony Robbins. That doesn’t motivate me, and I don’t see INFJs or INFPs as the hoo-rah people who need this type of cursing, get after it motivation. But I’ll just speak for myself. Also, when you have several people together who all want to contribute to a conversation that can sometimes be awkward. Shows like The View and other morning shows might have good information, but because so many people are trying to speak and interject, my whole auditory system just starts to shut them out lol. So I’m disappointed. I love your information, your YouTube channel and the quality of your work. But if this clip isn’t representative of what the entire program is like, another clip would have been better. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what she said I was so distracted.

  • Kathleen Parker
    • Kathleen Parker
    • November 9, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    This is exactly what I need. Best of luck with this valuable program. I’m sure it will impact lives??❤️

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