horoscope-personality-traitsAre type descriptions written like daily horoscope personality traits, so that everyone will find something to identify with?

It’s true that if we look hard enough we can see ourselves in almost any description of a person, especially if it’s flattering. Some people are more susceptible than others at ‘finding it’ – using confirmation bias to see themselves as they’d like to be.

This phenomenon does not assist typing models. In reality, it makes it more difficult to get the greatest benefit from personality modeling. The purpose of typology isn’t to fit you into a mold through force or cunning; it’s to find a model that accurately describes patterns of development and behavior. If the model cannot do that without resorting to broad-brushed generalities, it isn’t a useful model no matter how hard someone tries to ‘make it true’.

Speaking from personal experience, as personality profilers we frequently have to navigate around a person’s desire to see themselves romantically. When we ask questions like, “Do you focus more on the details or the big picture?” we find people who have a clear talent for details state they’re big picture… because that’s what they think they’re supposed to say. And vice-versa. People who stay at a big picture level don’t like to think they miss details, so they’ll actually move toward the opposite to compensate.

Horoscope Personality Traits | Does This Mean Personality Typology Is Flawed?

Quite the contrary! When a person embraces the advantages of their thinking style instead of focusing on the disadvantages, they can supercharge their talents and bring themselves to the next level. The astonishingly fast rate of growth is the result of not trying to be square peg in a round hole. Instead, seeking square holes becomes the goal and work, play, L I F E become that much more enjoyable. Our recommendation is to be honest with yourself and the model, and to veer away from models that lack specificity or cannot predict your patterns of thought and behavior.

As with everything, not all tools are created equal. Don’t confuse your horoscope personality traits with your authentic personality type.

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