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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how to review your personal and professional “best wins” from the past year and cast a vision for the next year.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • When thinking about setting intentions for the new year, what do you want to accomplish personally and professionally by the end of the year?
  • Personal Best:
  • Joel is proud of the fact that he has done a lot of work generating the emotional state he wants in real time. He can analyze an emotion and change it while it is happening.
  • His personal best has come out of his copilot process – Authenticity/Introverted Feeling.
  • Antonia has gotten to a place where she realizes other people’s belief structures don’t mean anything to her personally. Instead of experiencing concepts, thoughts, beliefs, and scripts as a commentary on who she is as a person, she just holds space for that belief and doesn’t allow it to trigger her.
  • Trying to find the best tools to engage with someone on their level. Playing in their sandbox.
  • Antonia’s personal best also resides in her copilot – Accuracy/Introverted Thinking
  • These lessons did not come easily.
  • Professional best:
  • Personality Hacker is growing.
  • Antonia’s professional best was that she and Joel managed to stay on message in spite of everything.
  • They ensured the quality of their content remained consistent.
  • No matter whatever stressors there were, the message stayed in integrity.
  • Joel’s professional best was maintaining the fact that Personality Hacker is personal growth focused first and foremost. It’s not just about Myers-Briggs. It is about personal growth.
  • What were your personal and professional best for 2016?
  • What do Antonia and Joel want their personal and professional best to be for 2017?
  • Antonia’s Personal resolution for 2017 – Get in the best shape of her life to maintain health as she reaches middle age. Eat better. Cut carbs/sugars. Stop justifying cheating. Get back to the weight she was in High School.
  • Joel’s Personal resolution for 2017 – Give himself personal permission to slow down and be present to get the rest he needs. This will require rest without anesthetizing himself with TV or drink.
  • Antonia’s Professional Resolution for 2017 – transfer an entrepreneurial business into a self-managing business. She resists schedules and systems, so she is going to have to stop making promises she can’t fulfill. Improved focus.
  • Joel’s Professional Resolution for 2017 – He doesn’t allow himself to be creative because he is always doing the backend stuff. He would like to delegate backend stuff so he can be more creative. May mean releasing control.
  • Ask yourself these same questions. Share them below.
  • What were your personal/professional best for 2016?
  • What do you want your personal/professional best for 2017 to be?

In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how to review your personal and professional "best wins" from the past year and cast a vision for the next year. #newyears #resolutions

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  • Shannon D. Harkin
    • Shannon D. Harkin
    • January 15, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    That true resting ( conscious _ ) allows your greater (subconscious) mind to process more AND to drop inspiration and/or deeper understanding into your conscious mind. It’s much like brainstorming or casually juggling original ideas with others.

    ;] Practiced by this INTJ

  • Kimbely
    • Kimbely
    • January 10, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    On the idea of resting. If I reframe my down time as recuperation for the next push it gives the “resting” time value in my mind and allows me to slow down and make that time valuable toward that end. Not sure if that reframe helps anyone else or if it mostly speaks to Te.

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