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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about why now more than ever we need introverted thinking in our world.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • As an ENTP, Antonia’s decision maker is Introverted Thinking “Accuracy” (Ti)
  • Accuracy = Finding internal logical consistencies and congruities when making decisions and clean slicing info and making distinctions around different pieces of data and being able to pull upon all of that to make the best decision possible.
  • One way to frame a discussion of Ti is by talking about Fi (Introverted Feeling) “Authenticity”
  • Fi is about what resonates with you personally. Inner alignment.
  • Fi users can hold space for dark, intense emotions.
  • The capacity to see the darker motivations in your own heart.
  • Ti has a similar function around thoughts.
  • Fi can sit with heavy emotion.
  • Ti can sit with heavy/difficult thoughts.
  • Why the World Needs Introverted Thinking – first podcast
  • People don’t see the value of Ti in today’s world
  • Emotional aikido – find the emotion you want in the sea of all the emotions
  • We have to be able to find the dark thoughts within us and the source of those thoughts
  • Logical/rational/analysis: does not equal truth
  • Rational is an argument that when seen thru the system which created it makes sense to the system.
  • Rationale is the thing we say to ourselves to keep believing the things we want to think.
  • People think what they want to think.
  • There is a level of agency we are trying to strip away from each other.
  • It is extraordinary arrogance to believe we can force someone to think the way we want them to think.
  • Ti’s primary job is to make space for the worst thoughts. Like Fi users can make space for the worst intent/motives/feelings people can have.
  • We are in a period where we are trying to honor people’s emotions. That’s a good thing.
  • Everything everybody does makes complete and total sense to them, or they wouldn’t do it.
  • When we hear thoughts that disturb or disgust us, we think we can force it out through social pressure.
  • Extraverted Feeling (Fe) is collective thinking based on getting everyone’s needs met.
  • Reprogramming can’t happen through shaming. It needs to come about through logic.
  • The logic of the new environment rewrites the logic of the old environment.
  • Antagonism, shame, and embarrassment don’t help someone rewrite their programming. It only forces them to hide their behavior.
  • The script remains, but now the person has to act contrary to the programming which creates dissonance.
  • Sometimes we have thoughts that are so persistent that they aren’t easy to dismiss.
  • Another form of dissonance occurs when we have a thought that runs contrary to everything else we observe, but for some reason, it is compelling to us.
  • We allow the thought to continue to live.
  • There are some thoughts we don’t even acknowledge exist, so we never address them. We are afraid of them.
  • “Don’t believe everything you think.”
  • Our brain has a hard time not believing itself.
  • Everyone needs to express their personal truth.
  • We start to feel disjointed if we have a truth that lives inside of us that we have no way of articulating.
  • Instead of creating an environment where people can share their thoughts, our society has lost its mechanism to address differing thoughts.
  • We use shaming and bullying to force thoughts out which only forces them into hiding.
  • We still have ‘isms’ because we can’t bully people into thinking differently.
  • We are doing ourselves a grave disservice by saying, “Hey, we are about to talk about something you may find uncomfortable. If you don’t want to hear it, feel free to check out.”
  • If we don’t allow ourselves or others to articulate what is really going on inside we aren’t addressing the thoughts.
  • When we create a culture of continually warning people to seek their safe space we are preventing them from addressing their trauma cognitively.
  • One of the services that Ti does is that it reminds the planet that addressing thoughts is as necessary as getting people’s needs met.
  • When an individual has a racist thought as opposed to attempting to bully it out of existence, ask why the belief exists.
  • The more some Ti users articulate their truth the more hostility they receive.
  • Truth is the gift Ti brings to the world.
  • Fi gets to feel what it wants to feel and articulate those emotions.
  • Ti needs space to think what it wants to think and articulate those thoughts without judgment.
  • Expressing thoughts in the outside world can sometimes be all that is needed to change them.
  • Thoughts are just as emergent as emotions.
  • There is lots of code inside of us that is real and dark but runs contrary to our values, so we never act on it.
  • When we fear the articulation of thoughts that we don’t agree with, we only force the thoughts underground.
  • Dogpiling thoughts doesn’t do anything except allow horrifying factions to sprout up in dark places.
  • “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
  • The social censure has made these people with the unacceptable thought find compatibility even though they have nothing else in common.
  • People’s lives have been destroyed for articulating things that society finds distasteful.
  • People that want to bully other people’s thoughts are making assumptions they are right.
  • My truth vs. your truth
  • People won’t allow themselves to hear any discourse that opposes their beliefs, so they never bother vetting the accuracy of their own conviction.
  • Well done Ti goes over the same ground constantly because there are always pieces of info that may be missing.
  • Ti doesn’t take anything for granted.
  • Ti is very vigilant and rigorous.
  • It wants to be in integrity with all of its thoughts.
  • We must open up and teach each other how to have discourse vs. burying thoughts we’ve decided are unpleasant
  • Our social structures don’t see an advantage in teaching people to use critical thinking because if we teach them to think for themselves they will start questioning indoctrination.
  • So we are losing the ability to think critically.
  • We should introduce philosophy, debate, and critical thinking at a young age.
  • There is no safe place for us to articulate thoughts to in this world.
  • We allow a safe place for emotions but not thoughts.
  • Cognitive distortions grow when we allow people to believe everything they feel because “thoughts are concentrated emotions.”
  • If we allow people to believe everything they feel those feelings eventually will coalesce into thought and they will believe everything they think.
  • Focus on your mind
  • Be radically honest with yourself
  • Develop your sense of integrity around your thought structure
  • Be willing to call BS on yourself
  • Stop bullying thoughts you don’t like.
  • There is a direct correlation between stress and anxiety, insecurity, cognitive dissonance, and cognitive distortions. They all run in the same group.
  • The more distortions you have and the more dissonance you experience, the more there is a fracturing of your mind and your identity which leads to insecurity and anxiety.
  • The more congruent your thoughts are, the more at rest you are and more peace you feel.
  • The more confidence you feel about how you show up in the world.
  • When most people experience clarity, they experience a lessening of tension.
  • People lack clarity overall. It’s obvious.
  • Stress and anxiety are building up.
  • The antidote isn’t getting used to people saying things you don’t agree with and biting your tongue, but developing curiosity.
  • You can find common ground with just about anyone.
  • If you aren’t attacking someone’s thoughts, they don’t feel the need to defend them.
  • Someone may give you a perspective you’ve never considered before.
  • Actual harmony is creating a space where everyone can find common ground.
  • Build the skill of curiosity
  • It doesn’t feel good to question your thoughts, but it has to be done.
  • Our dystopian world is hostile to thought.

In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about why now more than ever we need introverted thinking in our world. #MBTI #MyersBriggs #introvertedthinking

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  • Pepe
    • Pepe
    • March 31, 2019 at 4:43 pm

    Antonia. Spot on, children should be taught the skills they need to tackle the world, they need to be able to question the things they are told, realise that everyone has their own agenda and that things aren’t always what they seem. Also the skills to figure out why people act the way the do and be able to understand others better, maybe then they will avoid following the propaganda of cults, religious groups and governments.
    Maybe those who self-harm will be able to see a safe route they can navigate to their way out if their situation.

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