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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about what to do when your ideas and worldview actually win.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Is winning gracefully a skill many people lack?
  • When winning poorly goes beyond just gloating.
    • Why couldn’t Joel handle it when someone conceded in an argument?
    • The thing we might relish in a bit too much.
    • What we often think winning means.
  • What about losing?
    • When being a poor loser sets in.
    • The 2 best things about losing.
    • Why losing gracefully builds you up.
    • How our modern world simulates high stakes.
    • What is happening to our ego when we lose.
  • Our challenges of being a poor winner or loser.
  • Why people aren’t even expecting to win anymore…and the thing they’re doing instead.
  • When politics turned away from solving issues.
  • Why we need to find better ways to win.
    • This dangerous thing people are expecting of others.
    • How do we change how humans handle winning?
  • What competition means to the human experience.
    • The huge things we are missing out on.
    • How this study on rats explains so much.
    • What are we doing with our ideological battles?
    • When we think we are winning, but aren’t really.
    • Joel’s struggles to have his ideology “win”.
    • The role tension plays in battles.
  • How the intrinsic lessons of life affect how we win.
    • What is the thing that makes every human in existence already a winner?
    • The other thing that means we each end up losing.
    • Why having enough wins in life is so vital.
  • When there are different kinds of wins.
    • 2 experiences that affect how we are as winners.
    • Ways morals and identity get intertwined with winning.
    • When Cognitive Distortion Quadrant Thinking sets in.
    • Why what Robin Williams said about competition is so right.
  • What we are overidentifying with.
  • Taking how we win to the next level.
    • What we can wish for our opponents.
    • Why doing these 3 things when you win makes all the difference.
    • The hostile choice we can stop making.
  • Why the interplay between winning and losing is so crucial…and how we actually grow through it.
    • The self-assessment that helps you grow.

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  • IxTx?
    • IxTx?
    • May 9, 2021 at 7:52 pm

    Regarding both the thought that the current era always seems the most important since we’re in it, and Antonia’s self-admitted “Ti words” towards the end – Technology is continuously developed, both for violently and psychologically enforcing and furthering the agenda of the ones wielding it. -> Swords, newspapers, machineguns, TV, nuclear weapons, Social Credit Score.

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