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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia outline the journey of learning personality type as a meme all the way through using it as a psycho-spiritual tool.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Antonia shares the Profiler Training student question that sparked this week’s episode.
  • Why Rush’s Neil Peart provides the perfect example of the beginner’s mindset.
  • Using art as a metaphor to understand the journey from beginner to master.
  • What role do stereotypes play in our understanding of personality type?
    • How and where can we access these stereotypes?
    • Is there any value in stereotypes?
  • How is the world’s perception of personality type affected by a beginner level of understanding?
  • The type dichotomy that’s already in our collective unconscious.
  • How stereotypes both help and hinder those struggling to identify their best-fit personality type.
    • The role memes play in identifying with stereotypes.
  • At what point does our relationship with type shift from description to prescription?
    • Why prescription is essential for obtaining valuable type-related advice.
  • What can you gain from diving into the dichotomy dynamics relating to your type?
  • How cognitive functions entered the personality-type community zeitgeist.
  • How can learning about cognitive functions deepen your understanding of type?
    • The mental shift that happens when you gain this complex understanding.
    • How a deep understanding of type can stop you from conflating different cognitive functions.
  • Are there any valid criticisms of personality-type theory?
  • The value of John Beebe’s archetypes.
  • Joel and Antonia share why they teach Profiler Training.
    • How Profiler Training can help you on your personality-type journey.

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