Carl Jung, Brain Science & Personality Types
(with Dr. Dario Nardi)

Get a sneak-peak into the Forever Jung Live Experience
that’s happening on May 28th

Above you can find the recording of webinar that took place on May 9 titled: “Carl Jung, Brain Science & Personality Types.”

During the webinar we shared an opportunity to join a full one-day experience later this month we are calling “Forever Jung”.

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This year, 2023, is the 100th anniversary English translation of Carl Jung’s seminal work “Psychological Types.”

“Psychological Types” is the book (specifically chapter 10) that kicked off this amazing world of personality types and understanding of how we are all uniquely wired. So we are excited to look at Jung’s work along side Dr. Nardi.

The webinar was hosted by Joel Mark Witt, Antonia Dodge & Dr. Dario Nardi. It was designed to give you a feel for what to expect, answer your questions live, and give you all the details about our upcoming one-day “Forever Jung” immersive experience.

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Forever Jung with Dr. Dario Nardi

Join us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 28, 2023 for a
Jung-Based Experience with Dr. Dario Nardi

Or join us virtually here and watch the event right from your home

​Are you ready to dive into the timeless teachings of one of the greatest minds in psychology?

​If you’re someone who has always been curious about the human psyche and the mysteries of the mind, we’ve put together an experiential event you’ll not want to miss: “Forever Jung“.

​In this 1-Day Jung-Based Immersive Experience, Dr. Dario Nardi will take us through some of the central but hidden learnings from Carl Jung’s work, that Dr. Dario Nardi has learnt by tracing his footsteps … and looking to the future.

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The best part?
As you gain insights into the teachings of one master of type with our “Forever Jung” 1-day experience, you’ll also get to benefit from the deep knowledge and insights of an expert in the field of neuroscience and personality psychology – Dr. Dario Nardi.

Event Details

Hosts: Presented by Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge from Personality Hacker

Taught by: Dr. Dario Nardi

Time: On Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 9:00AM Eastern Time (USA)

Where: in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (or Virtually directly from your home)

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