Are You Asleep at the Wheel of Your  Life and Just Going Through the Motions?

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It’s time to wake up and take control

Does it seem like you’re asleep at the wheel of your own life?

Like driving a car, navigating life without awareness can lead us into unexpected detours or, worse, crashes.

It's a common feeling, and it's easy to drift into autopilot.

In this 7-minute video - Joel & Antonia dive deeper into what it means to "fall asleep" to your own life and how crucial it is to pull over, take a break, and truly assess where you are.

What You’ll Discover in this video:

  • The Risk of Autopilot: How going through life on autopilot can lead to missed opportunities and personal stagnation.
  • The Importance of Vital Signs: Learn why regularly checking the 'vital signs' of your personality is as crucial as monitoring your physical health.
  • Practical Steps to Take Action: Immediate actions you can take to begin aligning your life’s path with your true personality.

This video is your first step towards a deeper understanding of yourself and crafting a life that truly resonates with your personal identity and aspirations.

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Stop dreaming about a life fully aligned with your personality—start living it today.

1 comment

  • Paige Diaz
    • Paige Diaz
    • May 1, 2024 at 7:48 pm

    Hi Joel and Antonia

    Just want to share with you how much I enjoy and take your podcasts and information right into my soul.

    I’m very full right now in my life so I’m not ready to dive in yet. My husband and I began a course right before we came across y’all. I think you know her, Merja Sumiloff, we really are moving along well with her guidance.

    My point, I am looking forward to diving in with your courses and webinars when we are finished with our modules in Merjas course.

    Meantime I’m super grateful for your work. We are in the middle of a credit fraud case now. As soon as it’s cleaned up I intend to at least buy you some coffee or tea by contributing to your work financially.

    Thanks for your dedication and hard work in helping create a better world for our children and all life, ( I am an animal loving nature geek). But I love learning! I am studying how to reach horses that have been traumatized with personality decoding, ditto with dogs, MBTI for humans, writing, and herbs, besides working etc. So I can’t wait for a little space to dive in right here.

    You two are a lovely picture of balance for each other. You do a mighty good work for us all.

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