We believe the video above asks the #1 most important question ALL personality types can ask.

After you give your answer… we would love to work with you to make this your most amazing year ever.

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In your journey towards self-discovery and mastery, personalized guidance can make a significant difference. We get that. Sometimes to make a good decision we just need to talk with a real human and have a real conversation.

We want to ensure it’s a good fit for your life problems and goals. To give you a deeper understanding of how the PLP mentorship can transform your life, we’ve asked 3 of our Personality Hacker team members (Jonathan, Jess, and Corena) to open up space in their schedule to talk with you personally about the Life Path Mentorship.

These team members have not only mentored others but have also experienced the profound impact of PLP personally. For example: they know kind of goals and challenges we can help with and the ones outside the scope of this mentorship.

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Why a One-on-One Call?

  • Tailored to You: Discuss your aspirations and challenges for 2024, and discover how the mentorship aligns with your unique journey.
  • Real Experiences, Genuine Advice: Gain insights from those who have experienced the transformative impact of the mentorship firsthand.
  • Relaxed and Pressure-Free: This call is a chance for exploration and understanding, with no obligations.

Booking Your Call is Easy:

Click the link below to select a time that works best for you. Whether it’s with Corena, Jonathan, or Jess, this conversation could be the start of an empowering chapter in your life journey. Excited to get started.

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We often say that understanding your personality type is the “you are here dot” on the map of your life. But where is the destination?

And more importantly, what type of terrain must you navigate as you travel? Our new “Personality Life Path” mentorship directly addresses the terrain of your life (aka: the 8 areas of life we all face) to clear the path for your passion, purpose, and mission.

The terrain of your life… relationships, systems, beliefs, identity, personal history, experiences, hopes, and the story of your life… are all on the table.

The core teaching will look at each of these areas and guide you to uncovering your relationship with not only that specific aspect of reality, but the Jungian cognitive function that represents it.

Because… the terrain of your life is represented by each of the 8 cognitive functions of personality.

And we want you to discover just how much the cognitive functions of personality line up with these eight aspects of reality.

And most important of all… we want to teach you the ways you can navigate the rough terrain you may not feel equipped for.

We will show you how to first become aware, and then activate and develop aspects of personality that will support you as you take self-leadership in your life.

Come join us live… I think this will blow your mind.

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Personality Life Path Mentorship Is An 8-Week Online Mentorship + 3 Day Live Event
Designed To Unlock Your Passion, Purpose & Mission