Kevin reflects on the journey through the “Personality Life Path” Mentorship.

Personality Life Path Mentorship

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After spending the past several years mentoring small groups of personality types, Antonia and I are excited to teach and coach even more people to use personality to supercharge their personal growth and development.

We often say that understanding your personality type is the “you are here dot” on the map of your life.

But where is the destination? And more importantly, what type of terrain must you navigate as you travel?

This new mentorship directly addresses the terrain of your life (aka: the 8 areas of life we all face) to clear the path for your passion, purpose, and mission.

The terrain of your life… relationships, projects, beliefs, values, history, experiences, hopes, and the story of your life… are all on the table.

The core teaching will look at each of these areas and guide you to uncovering your relationship with not only that specific aspect of reality, but the Jungian cognitive function that archetypically represents it.

That’s right. The terrain of your life is represented by an archetypical energy.

And we want you to discover just how much the cognitive functions of personality line up with these eight aspects of reality.

And most important of all… we want to teach you the ways you can navigate the rough terrain you may not feel equipped for.

We will show you how to activate and develop aspects of personality that will support you as you traverse your life.

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