How Personality Types Become Obsessive And Fixated In Relationships

Understanding Personality Differences In Your Relationship — Part 4
(Romantic Type Pairings Mini-Course Part 4 of 4)

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Compare Your Obsessive Style With Your Partner

As you examine the your type with your partner’s type – you will notice either of you may have a mental obsession we call your “FIRM Fixation.”

The FIRM fixation is an acronym that stands for: freedom, rightness, invulnerability, and management.

These are the four strategies that various personality types attempt to control their experience.

— ExxPs have a Freedom fixation
— IxxJs have a Invulnerability fixation
— IxxPs have a Rightness fixation
— ExxJs have a Management fixation

Watch this video and then see if you and your partner can identify if have a FIRM fixation showing up.

Please remember – this is just a starting point. In our Couples Mapping program we walk you through these mental fixations and teach you prevention strategies to stop these from disrupting intimacy.

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