Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profiler Training?

Profiler Training is a 5-Day Immersive Event Coupled with Deep-Dive Online Course Material to Help You Calibrate and Master the Skill of Being a Personality Profiler

Learn more about Profiler Training here.

What’s included with Profiler Training and what is the Tuition?

Here’s everything you’ll get as a Profiler Training student:

1) The Profiler Training Curriculum: A deep-dive into online course content includes 100+ hours of rich media video/audio training on mastering the fundamentals of profiling.

2) Live Monthly Q&A Calls with Joel & Antonia (60-90 min each): Monthly calls where you can ask your questions directly to Joel/Antonia. These are the calls where we take the time to answer your questions. We’re always impressed at the quality and depth of the questions our students ask. The monthly Q&A calls are a great opportunity for us to “geek out” about type, and dive deep into how people tick.

3) Our Profiler Training Community Facebook group to connect & learn with fellow students.

4) A Weekly newsletter – to keep you on track with your learning.

5) A Virtual Live Event to integrate and consolidate learning from the core content. This virtual event is in addition to the live event and is open to all students and alumni.

6) 5-Day In-Person Intensive: A live event to help make the content you learn applicable to real-world profiling sessions. (If you can’t make it to the live event, don’t worry about it. Just pull out your calendar and plan to make it to the next one). We’ll let you know where the event is being held when it’s time to apply.

The tuition for this program and unlock access to all the above is $2,997.

You will have the option to spread this tuition over 6 months ($499.50/month), over 10 months ($299.70/month) or to pay upfront (with 15% discount).

How do I sign up?

The enrollment period for this course is currently closed.
Enrollment opens up twice a year – the next class will open up around May/June 2024. Plan to enroll? Let us know via this form and we’ll tell you when it’s time to apply!

How can I use the knowledge and skills I gained from Profiler Training?

We’ve designed Profiler Training to teach you the art of personality profiling.

By the end of the course you’ll have the theoretical foundation and skills needed to conduct a profiling session and help someone discover their best-fit type.

Where your journey takes you next is up to you, but whether you plan to use these skills in your personal life, a professional setting, or as a foundation for further learning, you’ll need to follow our student guidelines

What if I want to join Profiler Training – but I can’t make it to the live event – can I still join?

Yes, we’d still love to have you join Profiler Training!

If you can’t attend the live event this season, you can come to any future event. (Note: For a number of reasons, we strongly recommend that you attend the first live event that you can make it to.)

You can already get a head start on all the digital core content, join our monthly calls, our virtual live training.

You will need to attend the in-person live event in order to complete the course, however, if you are unable to join this upcoming live event your live event ticket will remain valid for you to join any other live event in the future.

Your first in-person event is included in your tuition no matter when you attend.

What if I want to join Profiler Training – but live outside of the USA – can I still join?

Yes, we’d still love to have you join Profiler Training!

Our applicants live all over the world — in Australia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

While many of our international applicants plan to attend Profiler Training live, some of our students can’t make it right away and need to come to a future event instead.

If you can’t attend the live event, you always have the option to join the next future event.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to fully engage with all the virtual content, monthly LIVE Q&A calls and join us for our Virtual Profiler Training Summit. 

Where is the live event held – do I need to travel?

Our 5-day live event will be held within the US during November 2024  – we’ll let you know the details of the location when it’s time to apply.

At the moment, the Profiler Training (Profiling 101) includes both online and in-person components. While you will be able to learn a very big part of the theory through the online digital content, we’ve found that students reach a completely new level of depth after the immersive experience of embodying and integrating this content for 5 full days in person.

Plus, there’s something magical that happens when a community of growth-minded, passionate people come together… But don’t take our word for it, check out what our students have to say.

How much time do I need to dedicate to Profiler Training?

If you can invest 2.5 hours a week into studying this material, you’re good to go.

Plus, we’ll be hosting our live Q&As once a month. Usually, those calls are 60-90 minutes each, but you can stay for as long as you want. And we record them, so you can listen to them later in case you miss one.

If you’re looking to excel, we would recommend that you follow the syllabus closely and then use any extra time you have to go over bonus content and do practice sessions.

If you invest approximately 2+ hours per week between the time you start the course and the live event, you should be well prepared to get the most out of the live event.

All the course content itself is over 100 hours (40+ sessions with bonuses). We encourage students to review the core content before the event. That’s if you only go through it once. (Many of our students benefit from it so much they re-watch the program up to 4x’s!)

Many of the sessions have optional exercises that can take some time.

Most people who excel at Profiler Training become somewhat obsessed and find themselves thinking about it daily, sometimes hourly.

It morphs from ‘commitment’ to ‘passion.’ We recommend becoming obsessed. 🙂

Can I learn at my own pace?

Yes, absolutely!

We put together a syllabus to guide you through the coursework. We hope you find it helpful, but it’s just a tool. The goal is to get you comfortable enough with the material so that you can get the most out of the live event.

You know yourself better than we do, so choose your own pace, and we’ll see you at a live event.

How much feedback will I receive from Joel & Antonia?

We want you to be successful, and get the most value possible out of this experience. And we also want to take the time to get to know you. Here’s how we plan to do that:

— We will host monthly live Q&A calls to answer your profiling questions as you learn. These are the calls where we take the time to answer your questions. We’re always impressed at the quality and depth of the questions our students ask. These live Q&A calls are an excellent opportunity for us to “geek out” about type, and dive deep into how people tick.

— We’ll be a part of the Profiler Training Private Facebook Group. We use this group to engage with all the students in a less structured environment. We talk about the stuff that interests us and keep an eye on how you’re doing.

— We will be teaching from the stage at the live 5-day in-person live event. Of course, we’ll have the opportunity to mingle and meet you in person at the live event. We can’t wait to meet this class of students.

— We will also be hosting a 2-day LIVE Virtual Summit. This gives us a chance to stay connected with the entire community, whilst continuing to learn profiling techniques and explore new content. 

Who will review my application – and what are you looking for in your students?

Because we have a limited number of spots available in the training, all applications are being reviewed by Joel and Antonia directly. They are looking for motivated, growth-minded individuals with an eagerness to learn more about themselves and other people.

I haven’t found my own best-fit type yet, can I still take profiler training?

YES! At Personality Hacker, we truly believe that finding your best-fit type can often be a beautiful journey of self-discovery and exploration. Having some challenges with finding your best-fit type can actually even be an advantage as a profiler: it gives you a depth of understanding of the experience of people you will be profiling.

What if I’m a newbie and not a coach, can I still take profiler training?

Absolutely! Newbies are always welcome and you don’t have to already know the Myers-Briggs® system to apply.

We have students from all backgrounds and walks of life, and a coaching practice is just one way to apply these skills. The applications of profiling are limitless. We have students that use these skills within team building & human resources, for writing, for training athletes, or even to offer security & personal safety training.

Can I get any professional certificates or continue my learning with Personality Hacker after completing Profiler Training?

Whether you desire to go deeper with your learning or are serious about realizing your potential as a Professional profiler, we have advanced courses and an Accreditation Program available for you.

Once you’ve completed Profiler Training we’ll let you know more.

What kind of success have your alumni had?

Some of our alumni are professional coaches charging $175+/hr to type people and help them overcome their challenges through typology. Many of them have easily recouped their initial investment.

Some are part-time consultants at Personality Hacker, creating extra income every month while furthering our mission.

(Remember, we’re NOT guaranteeing that you’ll achieve the same success as our other alumni. Your success may be different. Maybe more, maybe less. It just depends on the work you put into developing this skill.)

Our Profiler Training alumni include coaches, psychotherapists, musicians, fashion models, programmers, crisis negotiators, Olympic trainers, business owners, martial artists, and even an Ivy League sociology professor.

In other words, you’ll be learning alongside intelligent, like-minded, cool people like you.

All of them have applied the lessons they’ve learned from Profiler Training in exciting ways to enhance their businesses, careers, relationships, marriages, etc.

What if I still have more questions?

No problem – we’re here to help!

If you still have questions — just drop us an email at: and put “Profiler Training Question” in the subject line so we can prioritize your question.