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Thank You For Your Purchase From Personality Hacker

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You’ll be able to get our Advanced Program Empowered for INFJs and INFPs with a $67 discount.


This program is designed to help growth-minded INFJs and INFPs to overcome indecision, feeling judged, lack of assertiveness, caring too much, feeling misunderstood and avoiding the intimacy they crave.

You will learn from our Empowered Council: Six hand-selected, bad-ass INFJs and INFPs who have overcome all the challenges INFJs and INFPs have reported to frequently experience:

  • They have found purpose.
  • ​They have solid boundaries, while making space for deeply intimate relationship.
  • ​They don’t fear intimacy!
  • ​They have systems and rubrics for making good decisions.
  • ​They no longer fear being judged.
  • ​They are assertive, ask for what they want, and boldly move through the world.
  • ​They are motivated, and understand their true value in both money and respect.
  • ​They are liberated, have a sense of personal sovereignty, and have shed anxiety.
  • ​They manage their time, don’t procrastinate and know they have power and impact in the world.
  • ​And they are so much more…

Meet your Council:

– Annie Lalla, INFP. Cartographer of Love
Betsy Garmon, INFJ. Artist and Coach
– Paul Counsel, PhD, INFP. Wealth Guru
– Charis Branson, INFJ. PH Chief of Staff

Glenn Ackerman, INFP. Energy Coach

Daniel Karan, INFJ. Entrepreneur

If that sounds like something that would add value to your life, here is your unique link to get this program with your $67 discount applied to it.

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