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This program is designed to help growth-minded INTJs and INTPs to finally navigate small talk, emotional vampires, social games and office politics – so you can ignite the motivation you crave to create deep relationships and a purposeful career, overcome indecision, feeling judged, lack of assertiveness, caring too much, feeling misunderstood, and avoiding the intimacy you crave.

In this in-depth, 15-hour program, we introduce you the “INTX Council” — six top-performing INTJ and INTP men and women who reveal how to thrive in your personal relationships and career.

We’ve paired their insights with simple action steps to get you started. We’ve refined these practicals over the past seven years….after coaching INTPs and INTJs like you…from a 27-year-woman diving back into dating scene after her painful breakup to the CEO of a $1.2 billion tech company.

Meet your Council:

– Patrycja Slawuta, INTP. Social Psychologist and Entrepreneur with Phd in Psychology. Today, she works with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant. Her life mantra is “Do Epic Shit.”
Kathryn Lively, INTJ. Tenured professor in the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth University. Finding her femininity had been a lifelong struggle. Unsure of her place and her worth, Kathryn found armor in the form of her career.
Christian Ramos, INTP. Charisma coach. You read that right – an INTP that teaches charisma. After years of isolation, putting his foot in his mouth and destroying relationships, the pain of loneliness eclipsed the fear of rejection.By using his native systems thinking to deconstruct ‘socializing’, he took natural strengths and applied them to skills not normally in the INTP wheelhouse.
Brent Brewer, INTJ. Founder and CEO of a consulting firm in New Brunswick, Canada. A key to his success came from the wise words of a friend: “love people, manage systems.”
– A.J. Drenth, INTP. Founder of After years of wallowing in an existential crisis, A.J. gave himself permission to lean into his gifts. Today, he’s an expert on type theory.
Tom de Kok, INTJ and personal development celebrity in his native country. He’s hosted more than 800 workshops on the subject of identity and the nature of reality. And no wonder. Experiencing deep pain upon learning at the age of 4 that he was adopted, Tom decided he would never let anyone in again. It wasn’t until years later he would begin his journey of self-discovery, ultimately achieving ego transcendence.


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