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All Personality Hacker Owners Manuals come with a $67 voucher.

Yup, you just invested $67 but we are also gifting you a $67 voucher to use for other programs.

You’ll be able to apply this voucher immediately and access our Advanced Program Unleashed for INTPs and INTJs. (Stay tuned because we are also going to give you the opportunity to use this voucher for two other programs as well).

The Unleashed program is designed to help growth-minded INTPs and INTJs to navigate small talk, emotional vampires, social games and office politics, so they can ignite the motivation they crave to create deep relationships and a purposeful career.

You will learn from our Unleashed Council: six hand-selected, top-performing INTJs and INTPs men and women who reveal how to thrive in your personal relationships and career.

Meet your Council:

– Patrycia Slawuta, PhD, INTP. Social Psychologist
Kathryn Lively, PhD, INTJ.Tenured professor at Dartmouth University
– Christian Ramos, INTP.Charisma Coach
– Brent Brewer, INTJ. Tech Entrepreneur
A.J. Drenth, INTP. Founder of
Tom de Kok, INTJ. Personal Growth Guru

Here are some of the things other INTJs and INTPs who have already gone through this program have been saying:

This program was exactly what I hoped for. It was great hearing mature INTJs share their struggles and solutions. And it gave me a new boost of energy and determination to continue down my path of personal development. The INTP sections were useful and even relevant for INTJs.” – INTP

“I could write a book on why I love INTx Unleashed, but simply put: it brought awareness and language around certain challenges in my life…so now I can create a plan of action for myself. Listening to this program helped me to recognize my strengths — and embrace my “weirdness” as a gift I bring to this world.” – INTJ

“INTx Unleashed gave me a deeper understanding of my INTP type, particularly regarding their use of the exploration (Ne) function.” – INTP

“I love this program. I got it to better understand my personality type, as an INTJ female, and the types of beloved ones, INTPs. I got his program because I was trying to connect my intelligent brain and thought patterns with my female identity — those two often seem disconnected. For men, my personality often seems to be frightening or unattractive — and my INTP-sister experiences the same.” – INTJ

“Clarifying my own wiring; helping me understanding my son (INTP); looking for insight from like-minded people on how they handled life challenges (isolation, exploration, social interaction) — that’s what I got out of this program.”
– INTJ with INTP son

Tuition for Unleashed is normally $197 – but you can apply your $67 voucher right now and get the full program for $130.
(We have a 30-day full refund policy. Try Unleashed for 30 days. If it’s not a fit – simply ask for a refund.)
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