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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode, Joel and Antonia answer a listener question about testing out as both an Intuitive and Sensor.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Online assessments are invariably flawed, including our own.
  • Online tests are not the end point for figuring out your type; they are the starting point.
  • That includes the tests that give you percentage breakdowns on the dichotomies.
  • What we are trying to do with tests is get to the parts of your brain that are languageless.
  • We take a side door method which asks you about your behavior and tries to reverse engineer it back to the source.
  • A lot of types can have similar behavior for entirely different reasons.
  • Forced choice tests force you into one of four categories.
  • You will answer those questions differently based on a lot of influences:
    • What time of day is it?
    • Are you hungry?
    • Are you tired?
    • Are you stressed?
  • Those answers don’t necessarily depict you accurately.
  • We base a lot of our answers on things we are familiar with (family dynamics) rather than intrinsic wiring.
  • The gold standard assessment is the MBTI. It is over 150 questions. It requires an MBTI certified practitioner to deliver it. It has a 20% error rate.
  • Why would an ESFP type out 50/50 Sensor/Intuitive after spending her life in an Intuitive household? The answer is obvious.
  • You received a lot of reward/incentives to alter how you think and behave more like an intuitive.
  • You will have developed a lot of mental wiring to be acceptable to your family.
  • That doesn’t alter what your dominant cognitive function is. It is your flow state. You can’t change it. It is the thing you need to be doing to recoup energy.
  • Just because you got a 50/50 on it doesn’t mean anything.
  • If you are using Extraverted Sensing and you aren’t recouping energy, then you may not be ESFP.
  • That is all that matters.
  • Percentage ratings don’t mean anything. If you show up equally represented in a dichotomy, take that to indicate that you received a lot of reward in your family for manifesting a function that was not yours.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia answer a listener question about testing out as both an Intuitive and Sensor. #ESFP

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