Listening to other INTJs helped me recognize and verbalize what I’ve been feeling for years. In particular, Antonia Dodge commented on how it's common for INTJs to cycle through several differents 'isms/paradigms/schools of thought' to understand the meaning of life. As I’ve been learning more about myself, my restlessness about life has started to fade.
This course gave me confirmation that I'm on a good path in my personality development. Trying to find 'next level' tips and tricks from INTJs that are much further matured.
Investing in INTx was helpful because the interviewees revealed their personal and career roadmaps — so I could tailor them to mine
This program helped me develop my second function (e.g. extraverted thinking or Te). It also helped me deal with the incessant thinking that from having an introverted intuition driver.
Christian's interview re-enforced the lifestyle, mindset and results of the kind of INTP I’d want to be. Honestly, Tom's take on letting the world be how it is while loosening my grip on life blew me away. I've heard a similar thing taught before, but Tom explained it in an obvious and attractive way.

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