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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode, Joel and Antonia answer a question about Introverted Intuition (“Perspectives”) being used by an INFJ vs INTJ.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia answer a question about #Introverted #Intuition ("Perspectives") being used by an #INFJ vs #INTJ.

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  • Patricia
    • Patricia
    • August 12, 2021 at 1:27 am

    My advice to you is develop it now. The key early on is to appease your conscious mind. To appease your conscious mind tell yourself you will setup a certain time to let your mind roam free with no judgement. Make sure you are clear with yourself that you are changing up a very long term dynamic of the inferior trait. This is a blood oath type of promise ?so if you can’t make the time, acknowledge it to yourself and set a new time. During your quiet time yell, scream, cry, get frustrated, or over analyze. Remember no restrictions or judgements.
    Quiet time is never about understanding, it is always about experiencing. Type inspirations and ideas you get in your notes section of your phone ( that’s what I do).
    Don’t pressure yourself to be the best so fast because if you slow down for just a short time and connect with your subconscious through quiet time your mind will be clearer and come up with a way to develop the inferior trait in your everyday life probably without you noticing until later.
    A calm mind is your best friend so embrace it and watch it soar. It took me over 30 years to embrace my entire mind, you starting now is amazing. There is literally no one stopping you but you. Relax in that instead of being afraid because other people may see it as risky. You are already ahead of the game because you want to not only do better, but you want to do it and respect yourself.

  • Raederle Phoenix
    • Raederle Phoenix
    • April 2, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    For what it is worth, I didn’t find your use of the term woo-woo to be misleading or offensive, and I am definitely an INFJ who falls into the category of being a believer in the so-called supernatural. That said, I tend to only believe things because of my own personal experiences; I believe my tarot cards work for me, for example, because of the many uncanny occurrences in the cards (like drawing three out of the four kings in a row when asking about different aspects of the same situation).

  • Alina
    • Alina
    • May 14, 2016 at 6:56 am

    I have a PHQ but I am not sure where to post it:
    Joel and Antonia, I’m an athlete and I am also vigorously involved in personal growth. I have discovered I’m an INTJ and I want to figure out how to use this model to become more aware of myself when I play basketball. I try to enter every game with an effectiveness attitude of trying to be very strong with the ball, remembering my training, and focusing on a few goals for every game. As the game gets started, I do fairly well but then when the pressure gets turned on or when I mess up, I try to brush it off but I feel like I need to process it in my mind before I move on to the next play. I don’t always have time to do that since I need to get back to the other side of the court. One strategy I’ve tried to implement is to visualize my games. I often get frazzled when things don’t go the way I pictured them in my head so I try to visualize even more scenarios. However, there is no way to possibly prepare for every possible situation, no matter how much my Ni wants that to be true. If something goes wrong or I mess up on a play, I go to authenticity and ask myself how I’m feeling, which if you can imagine is not the most effective way to play a basketball game. I really want to excel at basketball. I’m not sure which tool to use. Of all of the tools I have, Se would be great in this situation but it is my 3-year old. Should I find a way to develop it even at such a young age (17)? (When normally, it would develop around middle age). Should I stick with effectiveness and just try to get the job done here? I have trouble staying in this headspace so do you have any strategies if you think I should go that route? Or should I go into Ni and just go with the gut feeling I have in that specific situation? I haven’t been playing long so whenever I have tried to go there, I end up freezing and taking about 5 seconds before I even make a decision about which direction to dribble. I would really appreciate any input you guys have. I’m a fairly new but seasoned fan of your podcasts. Keep doing what you guys do, because it definitely help a lot of people.

  • Joel Mark Witt
    • Joel Mark Witt
    • January 7, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    Thanks Josh for this post. I think you are very clear in your thinking around this and you articulate it well.

    Fahad – you are onto my use of Te (Extroverted Intuition). As an ENFP – this is my Tertiary (10-year-old) process and I draw on it a lot to help me structure what I do. I think you are on the right track – keep refining your skill.

    I would encourage you to keep pursuing type and I agree with Josh about “Don’t be hasty.”

    All in all – typology at this level can be nuanced and complex. So I’m excited that we have attracted intelligent people to this community who love to talk about how we can apply type to personal growth.

  • Joel Mark Witt
    • Joel Mark Witt
    • January 7, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    Thanks Alyssa for the feedback and comment. Appreciated.

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