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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode, Joel and Antonia answer a listener question about polarities in the cognitive functions.

In this podcast you’ll find:

In this episode, Joel and Antonia answer a listener question about polarities in the cognitive functions. #myersbriggs

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  • Marca
    • Marca
    • November 23, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Have listened to this podcast for the second time. I am intrigued by Joel’s descriptions of how each set NeSi vs. NiSe views or experiences time. I wonder, as an NeSi, if this is why I have some trouble remembering anecdotes in a historical format, i.e. I often struggle with remembering which incident came before or after or another, even though I have great memory of the specific incidents. In some sense, they all occurred at the same time for me, and a memory from when I was 10 years old feels just as fresh as one from a week ago — maybe even fresher — so that I related to the “random access” idea. Could explain my lack of propensity to put things in sequential order (?)

  • An infj
    • An infj
    • November 18, 2016 at 1:17 am

    That was very interesting and thought provoking. The sections regarding the polarities of perception especially so as it seems like our judging functions get a lot of attention.

    I often think of NiSe/SeNI as having a timeless vs all points in time relationship. I envision Se in a very exagerrated form as not needing or being aware of time (like a flow situation where time seems to stand still or passes without awareness) Or maybe like the concept that the only time is the present and that past and future are imagined (don’t really exist).

    Ni seems to be aware of all time in the sense that it looks for unifying concepts that link all situations (all pasts,the present and all futures). I personally wouldn’t use the word linear as Ni feels encompassing. A circle with a dot in the middle..ish if I had to represent it on paper.

    Excellent podcast.

  • Some INTP guy
    • Some INTP guy
    • November 13, 2016 at 10:55 am

    The person who asked that question should learn about the Quadras in socionics.

    Very informative podcast learned a lot, thank you for your work.

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