Join us for a Free Masterclass "Personality Vital Signs: Mapping the 8 Systems of Your Life"

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

In this workshop we'll show you how to take "the vital signs" of 8 elements of life: relationships, career, beliefs, values, experiences, hopes, dreams, and your memories.

There's a compelling force within each of us to live authentically and share our unique gifts with the world.

Often it's a nameless feeling and all too often it's a loud, insistent voice you can't ignore.

Many of our clients come to us when they're facing a big decision, anxious and uncertain of the right choice.

They're metaphorically pacing the floor and wringing their hands about what to do next.

Other clients are suddenly struck with how much their lives have been out of alignment for what seems like forever.

The instinct is to turn to self-help tools (books, videos, and courses).

But unless the self-help advice is tailored to your personality, following general resources can take you off your path for years, possibly decades.

When we're concerned about our physical health - whether it's preventative care or managing a health crises - we check our vital signs. We look for changes in our stats and anomalies.

But what about your personality's vital signs?

These also need to be checked. And we've discovered, after coaching thousands of clients since 2010, that the 'vital signs' are different for every personality type.

So tune in and let's explore together.

Join us for this live Masterclass webinar

Title: "Personality Vital Signs: Mapping the 8 Systems of Your Life"
Date: Tuesday, May 7

In 90 minutes you'll learn how to identify PERSONALITY PATTERNS in your own life and use them to your advantage, EXPAND your mindset to focus on your passion, purpose, and mission, and create a PLAN for making your goals a reality.

You'll also have the opportunity to CONNECT with a supportive community who will hold you accountable as you progress.

During this workshop we will also share details about our full 8-week program "Personality Life Path Mentorship."

This 8-week online course walks through the experience of all 8 Jungian cognitive functions and how they relate to your unique personality.

What is the "Personality Life Path" Program?

Personality Life Path is an 8-week online mentorship for people who sense they need to make a change but also need clarity, guidance, and support to face the challenges of their unique Personality.

The online webinar on May 7 is designed to get you started on this process and introduce you to the basics of creating your custom "life path." This event is f.ree - but seating is limited.

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(If you can't make it live - register anyway and we can share the recordings of the event afterwards)

After spending the past several years mentoring small groups of personality types, Antonia and I are excited to teach and coach even more people to use personality to supercharge their personal growth and development.

We often say that understanding your personality type is the "you are here dot" on the map of your life.

But where is the destination?

And more importantly, what type of terrain must you navigate as you travel?

Our "Personality Life Path" mentorship directly addresses the terrain of your life (aka: the 8 areas of life we all face) to clear the path for your passion, purpose, and mission.

The terrain of your life... relationships, projects, beliefs, values, experiences, hopes, dreams, and memories... are all on the table.

The core teaching will look at each of these areas and guide you to uncovering your relationship with not only that specific aspect of reality, but the Jungian cognitive function that archetypically represents it.

That's right. The terrain of your life is represented by an archetypical energy.

And we want you to discover just how much the cognitive functions of personality line up with these eight aspects of reality.

And most important of all... we want to teach you the ways you can navigate the rough terrain you may not feel equipped for.

We will show you how to activate and develop aspects of personality that will support you as you traverse your life.

Come join us live for a taste of this mentorship... I think this no cost preview event will blow your mind.

Register for the online event.


Eager to Start Your Personal "Life Path" Before The Webinar?

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