For years we have been getting requests from the PH community to hit the road and visit some of the places where friends and fans congregate to discuss our podcast and share in intuitive talk. We finally decided to hit the road this spring, and we had the pleasure of visiting two cities in the southeastern United States – Atlanta, Georgia and Cary, North Carolina.

It turned out to be a success. Our hosts went above and beyond to create a warm and engaging atmosphere. Nobody wanted to go home at the end of the event, and the conversation continued to flow far into the night.

We wish to express our appreciation to Betsy Garmon and her family for hosting us in Atlanta, and to Colin Crossman and his family and staff for making us feel welcome in North Carolina. They all worked tirelessly to make our first road trip an outstanding success.

We also want to thank everyone who came out for the meetups and shared their feedback, questions, and photos. You have all helped to make Personality Hacker a success.

Check out our Flickr album to see more photos from the event. And follow us on Facebook to catch updates on future meetups.

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