Whether you’re a Sensor or an Intuitive, you have a ‘comfort zone’ of conversation. On top of that, your tendency will be to gravitate to the same ‘comfort zone’ as other people who share your learning style. If you’re in a relationship with someone of a different learning style, what’s the secret to explaining your preference and – even more importantly – identifying where they’re most comfortable?

Watch this short, 13 minute webinar to learn what (I believe) is the most helpful key to successful communication for both learning styles:

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  • janet
    • janet
    • August 24, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby, Antonia. What an exciting time for you – and good that you were able to make this video at a time that is most likely very busy for you. .

    I Reallydo Wish, however, that you didn’t use a cow, farm animals, and $$$$’s in your illustration.

    I am a vegan who just last night attended a lecture in Toronto where the author (Will Tuttle- an intuitive trailblazer) addressed the Very ISsue of ’commodifying animals for money.

    In the book – ‘The World Peace Diet’ (said to be ’the most important book of the 21st century – was #1 on Amazon – and whose author received ’the courage of conscience award.) – and the lecture – he talks about our history –
    10,000 years of oppression of women –
    -how our health (and also the health of our children) - is being completely compromised, —aniimals are seen as objects to be abused and consumed,
    and our environment destroyed, – through use of animals for food and their milk –
    (which is meant for their babies) – and reductionism in this his way. .

    This is a subject most dear to my heart, and – because of all of the above – i can’t watch the video, because – can see where it is going before i even watch it.

    Looking forward to your next (hopefully more neutral) video or instruction,
    I find what you both are putting out there to be resonating, helpful and thought provoking and I thank you for thinking of this – putting it all together and doing what you are doing for intuitives!!!

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